Miller’s Creek by R. G. Green ~ Book Review by Queue

MillersCreekLG Title: Miller’s Creek

Author: R. G. Green

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Cover Artist: Garrett Leigh

Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars


Seventy-five years ago in the rural town of Miller’s Creek, Jacob Palmer massacred his family. Sixty years later, thirteen-year-old Jesse Ellis watched his best friend Geoff Meyers commit accidental murder in the cemetery where Palmer was buried when a childish prank went horribly wrong. Unable to cope, Geoff made a tragic decision, leaving Jesse to face the judgmental town and his own nightmares alone. Jesse and his family fled the tragedy, hoping to leave the past behind.

Fifteen years later, Jesse is hoping for his big break as a journalist for the Attingwood Journal. Then the anniversary of Palmer’s killing spree leads Jesse’s boss to assign him to the story, and Jesse reluctantly returns to Miller’s Creek, dreading the horrors he left there.

What he finds instead is gorgeous Dustin Weaver, a man with a past uncannily similar to his own. As Dustin helps Jesse put his demons into perspective, Jesse uncovers information that may prove Palmer was more than a vicious murderer. In the end, Jesse sees both the possibility to right an old wrong and the chance to gain the future and the man he wants—but only if he can finally lay his past to rest.

Queue’s View:

Miller’s Creek by R.G. Green was hard for me to review and rate. Not because I didn’t like it, because I did, but because the issues I did have were strictly personal. Even with my complaints, I would still highly recommend this amazingly well written novel to everyone.

Jesse Ellis is a man who is haunted by a childhood event concerning his best friend Geoff. He and his family moved out of small town Miller’s Creek after the incident and he hasn’t ever wanted to come back. He even thinks he’s moved on and is working as a newspaper reporter.

He has no choice but to face the past when he’s ordered to return to his home town to write stories regarding the anniversary of a mass murder in Miller’s Creek. Though the deaths took place long before Jesse was born, the event is connected to his own childhood nightmare and the death of his best friend. Jesse goes because he believes he needs to for his career, when really he needed to go to deal with his inner demons.

On his first night in town Jesse meets Dustin Weaver and there is an instant attraction. The chemistry between Jesse and Dustin was smoking hot and the sex scenes were absolutely fantastic. I loved them from the moment they met to the end of the novel when they started their lives together.

Jesse’s journey of self-discovery and forgiveness doesn’t come easily, but as he investigates the decades old murders, he learns as much about himself as he does the killer, Jacob Palmer. In the end, when Jesse publically stands up for himself and his childhood friend I practically hooped and hollered. His growth was phenomenal and didn’t just happen with a snap.

Part of Jesse’s story for the newspaper involves trying to find a reason why Palmer killed his family 75 years before. I loved that what Jesse dug up wasn’t some huge, over dramatic secret, but rather a humane, understandable one. That truly was a pleasant surprise.

R.G. Green writes incredibly well. I can’t emphasize this enough. Here’s one of my favorite descriptive lines.

Mere habit made him turn his head to the bloodred digits on his bedside clock.

The author describes just about everything with such colorful words it’s easy to picture the setting of all the characters. And that’s awesome if that’s your thing. Unfortunately it isn’t mine. As beautiful as all the words were, there were times I’d wish the description would stop so we could get to the meat of the story.

My niggles were ultimately minor and I enjoyed the hell out of this book.

4.5 stars.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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