One Small Thing (One Thing #1) by Piper Vaughn and M.J. O’Shea ~ Audiobook Review by PizzyGirl

One Small Thing Title: One Small Thing (One Thing #1)

Author: Piper Vaughn and M.J. O’Shea

Narrator: Finn Sterling

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

eBook Release Date: 05/04/2012
Audiobook Release Date: 04/06/2015

Story Rating: 5 of 5 Stars
Narration Rating: 5 of 5 Stars
Overall Rating: 5 of 5 Stars


One Thing: Book One

“Daddy” is not a title Rue Murray wanted, but he never thought he’d have sex with a woman either. Now he’s the unwitting father of a newborn named Alice. Between bartending and cosmetology school, Rue doesn’t have time for babies, but he can’t give her up. What Rue needs is a babysitter, and he’s running out of options. He’s on the verge of quitting school to watch Alice himself when he remembers his reclusive new neighbor, Erik.

Erik Van Nuys is a sci-fi novelist with anxiety issues to spare. He doesn’t like people in general, and he likes babies even less. Still, with his royalties dwindling, he could use the extra cash. Reluctantly, he takes on the role of manny—and even more reluctantly, he finds himself falling for Alice and her flamboyant father.

Rue and Erik are as different as two people can be, and Alice is the unlikeliest of babies, but Rue has never been happier than when Alice and Erik are by his side. At least, not until he receives an offer that puts all his dreams within reach and he’s forced to choose: the future he’s always wanted, or the family he thought he never did.

My View – Story:

I loved this story. This was not some super plot driven or action packed story. No, this one was all character and relationship growth and emotions.

Both Ru and Erik were fabulous characters. Ru was the every ready party boy with a big dreams of getting out of his current city. Erik was the semi-reclusive author with anxiety and OCD who only ever wanted to be settled and steady. Both men had plans for their lives and both of those plans were thrown out of the window with the arrival of Baby Alice. Her birth set things rolling for changes in all the lives she touched. Ru slowly matured and his desires changed from glitz and glam to Erik and a family. Erik slowly gained confidence as he discovered himself and that Ru and Alice were just what he needed to be the best he could be. These characters were not 1D or stationary. From start to finish, both men grew and changed for the better while developing into a loving and stable relationship together.

I loved the twist on perception. When this story started, I thought for sure Ru was going to be the one with my heart. A suddenly single father who just wanted to do the best for his daughter. Would any love interest be good enough for him and Alice? But as the story moved forward, I discovered that it was Erik who stole my heart. He was so shy and awkward but such a good man. He was innocent of the way of the world but yet not afraid to give all of himself when asked. He put Ru and Alice first on so many occasions that I could not help but love him. And when the big angst happened? It was Ru who fell short in my mind and bordered on undeserving of Erik. How could he let someone else talk to Erik in this time of need? I teared up when Erik was hurting. I teared up when Ru was begging for Erik to return his love and Erik was struggling to come to grips with everything changing so quickly. I cried a bit for the way these two men were both so stubborn and stupid and how could they not see that a SIMPLE CONVERSATION would have fixed this mess instantly? But in the end, I was so happy with the way things turned out.

I am looking forward to the narration of Dusty’s story.

My View – Narration:

At first, Finn Sterling’s voices didn’t fit my perception of the characters from when I read this ebook. But then as the story progressed, my imagination changed to fit his representation and I loved my listening experience. Finn Sterling really brought out the nature of each of the characters. His portrayal of Erik was fantastic and in the end I really think his narration took this book to another level and added that final star to my rating.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the audiobook of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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