The Cellist by Elaine White ~ Book Review by Caroline

24830043 Title: The Cellist

Author: Elaine White

Publisher: Hot Ink Press

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 2.5 of 5 Stars


After six years, cellist Roman returns home with boyfriend Ben, in search of more than just international fame. There’s one complication he didn’t count on. His high school crush, the straight, untouchable, Jaxton is there when he arrives.

One performance at local club Crimson 8, stirs emotions that were better left forgotten.

With prior warning that the club is a gay man’s fantasy come true, where anything and everything can happen, Jaxton is dragged along with a group of his friends, to see Roman play.

What happens next, will change the course of all their lives forever.

Caroline’s View:

From the blurb this book offers a story that should fit perfectly on my book shelves. An established couple having to deal with an old crush from the past, maybe some hurt and a little angst thrown in. I was looking forward to the goings on at Crimson 8 and how a visit there would impact on the story.

Initially you are thrown into the story in the present day with Ben and Roman, partners for six years, returning home. Later in the story there are a couple of flashbacks explaining the reasons they originally left, what they have been doing and how they came to be in a relationship. It was not always clear whose POV you were getting and I found myself going over a few pages more than once to understand who I was listening to.

Although Jaxton wasn’t the reason for Roman leaving he was part of the problem. Roman had a huge crush that wasn’t returned by the handsome but very straight Jock and spent most of his school days feeling bullied and ridiculed.

Roman is in love with Ben, the man who effectively saved his life and this is where the story lost me. It made no sense to me that Roman would fall apart so quickly and start panicking about his relationship with Ben after running into Jaxton a couple of times. They had never had a relationship back in their school days, they didn’t really know each other all that well yet there was suddenly this huge dilemma.

Ben is in exactly the same position as Roman. He is worried about Roman seeing Jaxton and what affect that will have on their relationship. He is worried about Roman making new friends outside their relationship and what affect this will have on them. Again, there was never anything between Roman and Jaxton and I was left wondering just how secure Ben and Roman’s relationship was when they were both so insecure with each other. The sexual side of their relationship may have been good but there didn’t seem to be anything emotionally holding them together.

Jaxton for his part has been hiding who he really is and how he feels from his friends and family for years and sexually he is very inexperienced. In one night he admits to being bisexual, makes a pass at a friend almost begging him to love him all the while being madly in love with the boy he bullied at school. Rejected by his friend he ends up in the arms of Roman and I almost felt like I had whiplash as everything was sorted and resolved within one night.

From moving in together, to giving up college to study at home, to having sex for the first time with not one but two men – it all just happened too fast, overnight, too easily and wasn’t believable or realistic.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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