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The Quick and Dirty on Salacious Singles

Back to the start of it all.

I wrote short erotic fiction before I wrote novels, and I’ve been releasing those short pieces as stand alone stories throughout the last few years. If you’re looking for something quick and hot with a dash of character and possibly humor tossed in for a nice mix, check out my Salacious Singles. Here’s a sample from my story “Bear Market.” Enjoy!


“Help ya?” The voice was deep and friendly and Bill looked up, his cock immediately registering its appreciation of the man standing behind the counter. He had a broad, open face with a neatly trimmed, dark brown beard. His thinning brown hair was partially hidden beneath a white hat and his blue eyes stood out against his dark hair. He snapped on a pair of latex gloves like a doctor about to perform an exam and Bill shifted slightly at the twitch in his sphincter as he caught a quick flash of this man playing doctor to his patient.

“Uh, yeah,” Bill said and pointed at the largest steak in the case, a thick rib eye slab of meat. “I’ll take that one.”

The butcher’s thick eyebrows went up and he grinned, his teeth flashing bright white within his beard.

“Feedin’ an army?”

“Just me,” Bill replied. He paced along the counter and looked at the rest of the meat. “Trying to get over a bad week.”

“I hear ya,” the butcher said as he wrapped the steak in paper. He thumped the package on the top of the glass counter and leaned on his wrists, gloved hands held up. Beneath the opaque latex of the gloves Bill could see the butcher’s hands were coated with thick, dark hairs and his cock twitched again. “Anything else?” The butcher’s smile spread slowly over his face. “I’ll be closing up soon, so whatever you buy I don’t have to pack up for the night.”

Bill asked, “I don’t know, what would you recommend?”

The butcher looked at him for a moment then said, “Depends on what you’re looking for.”

“Meat,” Bill replied without thinking first. “Something thick and juicy, served hot. Got any recommendations?”

The butcher smirked and shook his head, watching Bill for a moment as if trying to decide how to proceed, then pushed himself back from the counter. “Sure, I can recommend a couple of things. Um, how about this?” He reached down and produced a rump roast, holding it up for Bill to inspect. “A nice, solid rump roast. Wouldn’t you love to just dig into this baby?” The butcher’s blue eyes held Bill’s in a visual embrace.

Bill cleared his throat and nodded as drops of rain ran down the side of his face, or was it sweat?

“Wrap it up. You sold me.”

The butcher nodded and turned to roll the roast in paper. He scribbled something on the package then slapped a price label on the opposite side. Before handing it across the counter to Bill, the man removed his gloves. As Bill took the roast he felt the butcher’s fingers slide softly against his own and his stomach growled a little louder as a sudden heat rushed through him.

“Anything more?” the butcher asked, his left hand dangling from the top of the counter, the ring finger bare.

“Not right now,” Bill told him. “But now that I’ve seen the quality of meat in this place, I’ll definitely be back.” He nodded to the butcher and turned to walk away slowly, glancing back once to find the butcher still standing in the same spot, his hand dangling over the case, his blue eyes following Bill’s progress up the aisle.

In the checkout lane Bill turned the roast over and found a phone number written in pen along with a name: Trent. He grinned and looked back toward the meat counter, but the butcher was busy packing away the meat for the night and was not looking in his direction.

To find out just what happens between Bill and Trent, and for more sizzling stories like this Salacious

Single, check out my Amazon Author Page:

Have a great week!

~ Hank Edwards

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Hank Edwards is a curious mix of practical realist and feral dreamer, with over a dozen books published. His body of work covers a host of genres from gay romance to humor, paranormal to suspense, and mystery to time travel romance.

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