Immortal by Amy Lane ~ Book Review by Caroline

25311260Title: Immortal

Author: Amy Lane

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Cover Artist:

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Genre: Fantasy, M/M Romance


When Teyth was but a child, a cruel prince took over his village, building a great granite tower to rule over the folk. Greedy and capricious, the man will be the bane of Teyth’s existence as an adult, but as a boy, Teyth is too busy escaping his stepfather to worry about his ruler.

Sold into apprenticeship to the local blacksmith, Teyth finds that what was meant as a punishment is actually his salvation. Cairsten, the smith, and Diarmuid, his adopted son, are kind, and the smithy is the prosperous heart of a thriving village. As Teyth grows in the craft of metalwork, he also grows in love for Diarmuid, the gentle, clever young man who introduces him to smithing.

Their prince wants Diarmuid too. As the tyrant inflicts loss upon loss on Teyth and Diarmuid, Teyth’s passion for his craft twists into obsession. By the time Teyth resurfaces from his quest to create immortality, he’s nearly lost the love that makes being human worth the pain. Teyth was born to sculpt his emotion into metal, and Diarmuid was born to lead. Together, can they keep their village safe and sustain the love that will make them immortal?

My View:

I had to sit on this review for a couple of days because quite frankly I had no idea what to say.

There are a lot of things about this book that would normally have made me turn away. I don’t tend to read fantasy, I definitely don’t read anything historical and I find dialects awkward. Why then you may ask did I pick this one up. Very simple – Amy Lane.

Amy “angst” Lane has written a superb story in Immortal even if a lot of the time I didn’t like very much about it. The writing flows easily but the story will stick in your throat. It starts out dark with the abuse of 10 year old Teyth, if that isn’t bad enough the boy is then sold for a few coins, but in one of the few happier moments in the book this actually proves to be a good thing.

The local blacksmith Cairsten who already has one adopted son, Diarmuid, takes Teyth into his home and begins a long process of healing the young boy. For a few years there are moments of happiness in their household but always there seems to be ‘something’ lurking.

The biggest lurker in the whole story is the vicious Prince, sat in his Castle, surrounded by walls and protected by guards. The whole town dreads when the man visits and over the years they become more attuned at hiding their children.

Teyth and Diarmuid will fight back but at what cost?

If you are expecting a fairy-tale you are most certainly in the wrong book.
As we watch Teyth and Diarmuid grow up, as we watch them deal with one tragedy after another we see how their past and present lead them to their future.

We see love, death, magic and insanity. This book is cruel, difficult to read and didn’t have the ending I imagined but maybe the ending it deserved.


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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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