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Title: Hush

Author: Jude Sierra

Publisher: Interlude Press

Cover Artist: Artist: Victoria A. with Cover Design by BuckeyeGrrl Designs

Genre: Contemporary, Erotica, Fiction, Gay Fiction, M/M Romance, New Adult, Paranormal, Romance


Wren is one of “the gifted”—a college sophomore with the power to compel others’ feelings and desires. He uses his power as a game of sexual consent until Cameron, a naïve freshman, enters his life. As Cameron begins to understand his sexuality and gain confidence under Wren’s tutelage, Wren grows to recognize new and unexpected things about himself. Can their game become a relationship as the power shifts from teacher to student?

Top ten literary couples:

It took me ages to come up with this list! There’s some unconventional couples here, and a lot from YA I’m currently reading, because I’m completely obsessed with YA books right now.

Jaime Fraser and Claire Beauchamp Fraser from Outlander, by Diana Gabaldon. Anyone who might follow this blog tour, or talk to me for that matter, will come away knowing about my unending passion for this couple, and these books. There is something about a relationship that break the rules, that alters the whole course of a life, that forgives even the harshest of heartbreak that I am a sucker for. And maybe in the hands of other authors, might not work, or would be too much. But Gabaldon is incredibly gifted, and although it’s utterly heartbreaking sometimes, Jaime and Claire’s relationship is moving and compelling and I’ll follow it anywhere.

Danny Saunders and Revuen Malter from The Chosen by Chaim Potok. This is where my list becomes unconventional! Although this isn’t a romantic relationship, the friendship between these boys is incredibly unique and moving. Without a chance accident that brings them together, these boys would never have been friends. The chronicle of their friendship and their relationship with faith, their fathers, and understanding of the way the world works and how those function to bring these boys into adulthood is moving and I think, a must read.

Anne Elliot and Frederick Wentworth from Persuasion by Jane Austen. I’ve read all of Austen’s novels, and I enjoyed about 75% of them. While Northanger Abbey is probably my favorite (it’s hilarious and fun), the romance between Ann and Frederick was unforgettable for me. It was a slow burn that took it’s time. As always with Austen, there’s miscommunication and obstacles. But there is a maturity to the development of their romantic feelings I didn’t see in her other novels. To me they are the most romantic and lovely of her couples.

Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I know that these books aren’t meant to be about romance, even if they do have romance in them. There’s a lot to unpack with them, and this series is one I’ll read over and over.  I think I have a deep appreciation for Peeta and Katniss because they always come back to each other. As they go through horrible experiences, they understand and support each other in ways no one else can, because no one else can understand what they’ve undergone. At the end, when Katniss realizes it could only ever be Peeta, because he brought a softness to life that she did not have — that softened her fire when needed – this is a kind of love that’s compelling and moving.

Clarissa Dalloway and Sally Seton from Mrs. Dalloway. A moment in the stream of consciousness driven novel – remembrance of youth and a friendship with Sally Seton, a girl who defied many conventions, who burned bright — with whom Clarissa shared a single kiss, has always stayed with me. In the book, Clarissa recalls that moment as the most exquisite of her life. Although she goes on to marry Richard, with whom she does not share any of that passion, the way Woolf took me through that moment never left me. “Then for that moment she had seen and illumination; a match burning in a crocus; an inner meaning almost expressed.”  For a very long time, I felt like this: as though the desire I had that didn’t fit into the world I was raised in was that crocus, desire almost expressed.

Laura and Almanzo Wilder from the Little House on the Prairie series by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Probably the most gently romantic couple of my life. I started reading this series when I was in the second grade. By middle school Laura and Almanzo’s relationship stole my heart. Almanzo driving in the cold of winter every week to bring her home when she was away home teaching in a bad situation, even when she said she had no intention of going with him after…his steadfast, loyal, caring nature won my young heart. The natural progressionof their relationship, the steady companionship and the beauty of their engagement have never left me. The heartbreak they endured in the first four years of their marriage, but their determination to see the positives and to find a better life for their family will always move me.

Novalee Nation and Forney Hull from Where the Heart Is by Billie Letts. This is a book I will read over and over for the rest of my life. It’s funny and heartbreaking, it’s full of quirky, loveable characters. But the best part of all is Forney and Novalee’s friendship and eventually, love. It’s not showy. It’s not filled with fireworks. It’s devotion and family, steadfast and steady and slow, something that grows that Novalee doesn’t even see until she has to face it head on, despite her fears. Forney Hull is a gentle man with the biggest heart, it’s impossible not to love him.

Cress and Thorne from the Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer. I’ll have to confess, this is a new couple I love – I do fall in love with couples and then move on from time to time. But right now, I am a little obsessed with these two. Thorne is hilarious and flighty on the surface, but the way he handles the setback he’s given in book three (Cress) demonstrates his true character: strong, determined, admirable. Her completely romanticized fantasy of him, built of years of loneliness and a vivid imagination bring a fun twist to what becomes a wonderful, sweet friendship and hopefully relationship…I am dying waiting for book four to come out!

Lola and Cricket from Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins. Oh man what not to love. I love Lola, who dresses in costume every day: her imagination, creativity, and fearlessness are hopelessly endearing. Cricket is the epitome of a guy I love in a book. Strange and sweet and romantic, and a good friend to Lola when she needs one. You might notice a thread in my love for couples on this list: I don’t always need fireworks, I do love relationships built on friendship and trust. But by the end of this book, when he takes her to the dance…holy moly did Perkins end that book on a firework that left me gasping for more. Plus Lola’s fathers were awesome, I love them.

Fire and Prince Brigan from the Graceling series by Kristin Cashore. Let’s be honest, this series is amazing, I cannot recommend it more. I love each character in it for many reasons. And Katsa and Po from Graceling were fantastic, there is just something about Brigan and Fire that worked perfectly for me. Their contentious relationship from the start, the way they slowly began to see each other’s true selves in little moments…I’m a sucker for a slow burn with complex characters, and this book hit every one of those spots for me.


Wren looks… different. His eyes are wide in what seems almost like surprise. His lips, darker than Cam’s ever seen them, tremble. Cam doesn’t need any of Wren’s abilities to catch that Wren is overwhelmed. The only thing Cam knows how to offer is what he himself would want.

“Kiss me?” he asks.

Beautifully, Wren doesn’t resist. His clothes are rough against Cam’s skin all those zippers are so cold where Cam radiates heat. When Wren drapes himself on top of Cam, his body is heavier than Cam had imagined. Wren kisses Cam softly, seeking something, and Cam wants to believe it’s from a feeling of closeness, something sweet like the gratitude he feels right now. He cannot believe he just did that—that he let Wren do that. Hulled and shaking, Cam lets his hands wander because even after that perfect storm of pleasure, there is an itch under his skin for more.

About the Author

JSRCJude Sierra first began writing poetry as a child in her home country of Brazil. Still a student of the form, she has expanded her repertoire with her first novel, Hush.

She began writing long-form fiction by tackling her first National Novel Writing Month project in 2007, and in 2011 began writing in online fan communities, where her stories have thousands of readers.

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