Keep the Stars Running by Tayla, Andor, Lexi Anders, Cassandra Pierce, Andrea Speed, and Leona Carver ~ Book Review by Teresa

keepthestarsrunning400 Title: Keep the Stars Running

Author: Tayla, Andor, Lexi Anders, Cassandra Pierce, Andrea Speed, and Leona Carver

Publisher: Less Than Three Press

Cover Artist: Aisha Akeju

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars


Space is not always filled with adventures and glory. Not everybody goes racing off to battle evil and save the galaxy. Between the rebels, pirates, royals, and spies are the everyday people who work hard just to get by and ensure everyone gets home safe. Less Than Three Press presents a collection of tales about the ordinary folks who keep the stars running.

Teresa’s View:

True to the blurb, this anthology focuses on the less glamourous jobs in the realm of sci-fi. Not all the stories are romantic, though all but one had a romantic couple and story thread. Don’t look to most of these for grand sweeping declarations of love. However, the blurb never promised that. We do get a variety of action and suspense true to the gene.

The Prince and the Programmer by Cassandra Pierce 3 Stars

Jasno is a foodsynth machine repairman who would rather program the food than fix the machines. While working for a prince, he is mistaken for his client and kidnapped. Interesting twists and turns kept the plot moving forward. I liked the idea of the futuristic chef and liked the mistaken identity. I didn’t feel any chemistry between the MC’s though and felt the romance fell flat.


About a Bot by Andrea Speed 3 Stars

Tahir is the Chief Maintenance Officer on a station but feels he is just a glorified janitor with his bots. He is being interviewed by a former crush on his duties but the war with a strange alien race intrudes.

I loved the bots! They were adorable! I also like both Tahir and Jorian and felt the potential there. This was not a romance story, though there is a romantic pairing. This was really a story about Tahir and his contributions to the space station. However the story ended just as it started moving forward. There was so much more story to be told.


The Aurora Conspiracy by Lexi Ander 4.5 Stars

Regin is a crane operator on an orbital mining station suspected of blackmailing his employer. He comes face to face with an old love during the interrogation and finds out things aren’t what he thought they were.
I liked the amount of world building that was done in so short a time. I had a good feel for the place. I also liked the intrigue and mystery that was going on. I liked Danny the robot and the other secondary characters and got a good feel for our MC’s. Our MC’s had good chemistry and the romance was well balanced with the sci-fi aspects.

I would love to see more of this couple.


Flight Risk by Talya Andor 4.5 Stars

Kiel is a mechanic for a planet side station of machines called Gears. The Gear riders, called Gryphons, are dismissive and rude to him, all except the new guy, Marco. Intrigue and mystery abounds as the Gears engage a neighbouring faction intent on taking over the station and fighting for water rights on the desolate planet.

The world building was strong in this book. I loved the scene when Marco first flies out with his patrol and the landscape is described. We get a good sense of who everyone is and hints as to what may be going on. The mystery is good and I loved the romance between Marco and Kiel. I liked the way details were doled out. There weren’t info dumps, but you weren’t kept in the dark just to make you wonder. It unfolded naturally. Another plus was the tons of action.

I really enjoyed this.
Survival by Leona Carver 4.5 Stars

Valentin is a botanist on a ship heading to deep space on a colony journey. On the way there, the ships computer wakes him and five others to deal with a problem relating to the ship’s large forested park.

Wow. This was a crazy sci-fi thriller movie quality story. Suspense, drama and things that go bump in the night. It is ironic that despite being the most sexually graphic of the anthology it is also the only one without a definite romantic pairing at the end.

I enjoyed the ride. As I said, it felt like I was reading a movie. There isn’t a traditional HFN ending, but the ending is satisfying.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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