Love’s Baggage (The Preternaturals #3) by T.A. Chase ~ Book Review by PizzyGirl

LovesBaggageTitle: Love’s Baggage (The Preternaturals #3)

Author: T.A. Chase

Publisher: Amber Allure (Amber Quill)

Cover Artist: Trace Edward Zaber

Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 10/16/2011

Length: Novella (~ 15K-50K)

Genre: Action/Adventure, Gay Fiction, M/M Romance, Paranormal


Things have gotten pretty exciting in Bandit Canis’s world. Non-Preters trying to kill any lycan or Preternatural they can find, and his youngest brother falling in love with a human. Plus finding out there’s a spell in a book that could destroy every Preternatural in the world. Yeah, “exciting” is a pale word for what Bandit’s life has become. Yet instead of searching for the book, Bandit finds himself escorting twin lycans back to their home pack. While he’s not happy about it, at least he gets to spend time with Allen Dow.
Allen is reluctant to return to his home pack to regain control, especially after being sold to a human freak show years ago by his Alpha. He has no choice, though, once he learns how far the pack had fallen in his absence. The only good thing about the entire trip is spending time with Bandit.
As their mission turns deadly, Bandit and Allen cling to each other, their love growing stronger as they both leave the baggage of the past behind them. While their future is unclear in the dangerous world in which they live, they also come to realize that, together, they may be able to weather whatever happens next…

My View:

Hell Yes! That was how I felt after this story was over. This one was awesome and I loved every minute of my reading experience.

The story continued to move the plot forward, but not as much as in the other stories. In fact, I would venture to say this one really was more about learning details about Grime and his motivation. The author finally revealed the reason for Grime’s hatred of preternatural creatures and man it was a doozy. There has always been a bit of the over the top feel to each of these stories. A bit of the eye rolling expected cliche. BUT, it fits this series well and was never so much that it became ridiculous. This story line falls in line with this feeling exactly. It was a bit far fetched but it works. And can I just say, bring on the war! I am excited to see what happens next.

In addition to giving more history and plot, this story was about Bandit and his love interest. Bandit was a great and rich character. There were hints given in book 1 about Bandit’s past. I already liked Bandit and knew there was more to his story and then, oh man, did the reason Bandit left in the first place ever make me feel for him even more. Because of his past, Bandit was fighting the knowledge that he wants Allen as his mate.

Allen on the other hand was full of potential and when it erupted, watch out! He was fierce. Allen was an innocent and had been through a lot in his past having been sold to a circus by his own Alpha. Yet for his innocence, Allen was naturally a powerful wolf and I loved the way he stepped up and became forceful when Bandit was in trouble and stood up to his father and old alpha. l loved the change in him.

Allen and Bandit’s relationship followed a different path than the previous two. They were both attracted to each other, but they didn’t act on the attraction right away. But their interactions were no less powerful and I liked the fact that they felt a bit of love for each other before they slept together. With Allen being innocent, this worked better for me than them just being sex crazed due to an overwhelming attraction. My favorite moment was when Bandit gave Allen a kiss as Bandit explained why he needed to be the one to risk exposure in the city. While offering to put in himself in harm’s way and in the middle of a group of people, he found a way to give Allen a small tender and loving moment. I melted at this image. I love when an author can show love in such ways without having to resort to the obvious sex equalling love. But don’t let this fool you, there was sex and it was HOT.

I also loved the supporting characters in this story. I loved finally figuring out who and what Max was and LOVED his mission. Ba’el and Raze were fun and contradictory and perfectly compatible. Outcasts for being in love they don’t exactly fit the mold of Angels and Demons. Raze was the Angel who had no problems being fierce and Ba’el the gentle demon. They were my new favorite additions to this world.

I would just like to finish this review by saying how invested I am in this series. I am in love with it. This type of story may not be for everyone, but it hits all the right buttons for me and I can see myself re-reading this series when I am looking for something fun.


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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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