Mother’s Day and Safety Nets ~ Sunday Spotlight by Brandilyn


Mother’s Day and Safety Nets:

On 16 August 2007 I became a mom. I became a mom the moment my child came into this world. THat is the moment it became completely up to myself and my husband to nurture, protect, love, and adore our child.   That is the day it all got real. That is the moment that my heart was no longer my own. That is also the moment that I lost all control over what that child would become.

I have since had the privilege to add two more children to our family. As of this writing, their ages range from 3 to 7. I currently have two daughters and one son. Each one is special. Each one has their own unique personality. I can look at each one and have dreams for their future. I can look at each one and wonder what the hell tomorrow will bring.

My oldest is outgoing and smart. She thirsts for knowledge. She never stops asking questions. She makes friends easily and is sensitive. She wants everyone to like her and wants everyone around her to be happy. She is my “little helper”. She is quick to cry and quick to have her heart broken. My job is to be there to hold her and love her and tell her she is worth it. I am not there to tell her HOW to not have her heart broken; I am there to pick up the pieces when she falls.

My middle child, my son, is well… he is who he is. He is hyper; he is inquisitive as fuck. He is my problem solver and is always on the move. He is the one I can’t get to sit still. He is the one who is as comfortable in one of his sisters’ dresses as his own t-shirt and shorts… and that is if I can get him to put clothes on at all.   I am often asked why I never posts pics of him on my Facebook… it is because I can’t get him to stand still long enough to take one. He is the one that has taught himself to count to 1000. Taught himself his colors, shapes, addition, and how to tell time.   He is the one who is going to give his teachers hell.

Then there is the youngest. She is three. If you follow me on Facebook she is the usual star of my #DailyDoseofCute. She is a princess (really, just ask her). She is talkative. She has zero problems making sure everyone knows her opinions. She is stubborn as a mule. As my husband likes to remind me, she comes by it honest. She is the most like me.

So here is the deal. These are observations I have made about where my children are in their development at this point in time. I have no idea if they will still be these people in 2 days much less 5 or 10 years down the road. I know I will be there when they soar and when they fall. I will help and guide them when they need it. I will love them no matter what.

For me, being a mom doesn’t mean molding a child into my image of what a person should be. It means giving them the tools they need to succeed, to become who they are destined to be. It then means watching and seeing what they can make of those tools. It means being a guide, a map, and an example. It means being their biggest cheerleader, no matter their choices.  It means being there for them when their decisions and choices aren’t met with positivity, or when they just need a hug. It means, being their safety net as they become their own person.

Happy Mother’s day to all the safety nets out there.

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  1. What a wonderful post and how very true your words are. I like that image of a safety-net. My 21 year old probably thinks she’s living without that security now. While I hope she’ll never need it, that net is of course here for her as long as I’m alive.

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