Naming His Mate by M. Limoges ~ Book Review by Brandilyn

25089055Title: Naming His Mate

Author: M. Limoges

Publisher: Decadent Publishing

Cover Artist:

Rating: 2.5 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 05/01/2015

Length: Short Story (<15K)

Genre: Gay, Gay Fiction


Small-town sheriff, Mike Hadley, would love to experience a headache-free day for once in his life. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen anytime soon. While investigating a rash of disappearances and dealing with his ornery lover, he’s thrown into a whole new world he never imagined existed.

Damien Marks has finally found a place to call home in Los Lobos, South Dakota, with the Black Hills Pack. He also stumbles across something he never thought he would—his mate. Falling hard, he decides he needs to come clean and tell the truth. But will his sexy lover accept what he is?

Embroiled in a potentially dangerous situation, both men have to decide where their loyalties lie—with duty or love?

My View:

When an author says “it can be read as a standalone” for a title in a series, I expect that I will get a full story from first blush to happily ever after. I expect that I will understand the world in which my characters live and will know the characters by the end of the story. I expect to at least understand how my main characters met and how they fell in love.

Are my expectations too high? I am starting to think so. Increasingly I have had authors tell me a title can be read as a stand-alone only to be left wrong-footed because there was just too much backstory left out of the “stand-alone.”

Such is the case with Naming his Mate by M Limoges. Naming his Mate is one of the many titles in Decadent Publishing’s Back Hills Wolves, a multi-author shifter series. The majority of the series (including all the currently published titles except Naming his Mate) are M/F. Needless to say, I haven’t read them. As such, I spent half of the title confused and the other half hoping for information that never came.

Even after finishing the 64 pages of story, I don’t have any reason to care about the main characters. The snippet of the Black Hills story that I was able to glean from this title was interesting and would have made me want to know more, but as a stand alone it fell flat.

So what did I think about the story I was offered? Well I have mixed feelings. As I said before I never grew to care about the sheriff or his wolf. I always felt like something, even in their story, was being held back from the reader. Like the author knew more than they were willing to let on. Sometimes it is mysterious, this time it just let to frustration.

The other large issue I had with the story was the non-con mating. Yes, the sex was consensual, but the mating itself was not. The human mate didn’t even know his partner was a wolf shifter when he was “gifted” with the mating bite. He wasn’t even aware he had been bitten until the pack alpha scented it on him. I have an issue with this. Of course after that bite, the human went from considering the wolf his “fuck buddy” to considering him the “love of his life” all without the benefit of a reason for the tightening of the bond. It was just all too contrived.

If I read het romance, I might consider reading a few more in the series to see if that helped me understand more of this story. However, since I am currently not reading anything with vaginas, I will pass.


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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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