Out in the Field by Kate McMurray ~ Book Review by Brandilyn

KM_OutInTheField_coverlgTitle: Out in the Field

Author: Kate McMurray

Publisher: Loose Id

Cover Artist: Ginny Glass

Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars

Publication Date:

Length: Novel (~ 50K-100K)

Genre: M/M Romance


Matt Blanco has had a Hall-of-Fame-worthy career as the first baseman for the legendary Brooklyn Eagles, but age and a knee injury are threatening to end it. That’s when rookie Ignacio Rodriguez walks into his life. Matt has a policy of not getting involved with anyone for fear that they might share his secret with the world: that he’s a gay professional athlete. But this new rookie has him wanting to throw that policy out the window.

Iggy Rodriguez just got everything he ever wanted: a position in the starting lineup of the Brooklyn Eagles, his favorite team since he was a kid. Even better, he’s playing alongside his idol Matt Blanco. A locker room encounter one day reveals that he and Matt have even more in common than he would have guessed.

When Matt and Iggy fall for each other, they have a hard road ahead, their path to happiness blocked by injuries, trades, and the New York media hungry for a scandal. Fate has pitched them a game-winning run, but will the choice between love and baseball make them with a no-hitter instead?

My View:

I debated a while whether to review this title for Prism or not. Hell, it took me three years to even read the freaking book. Here is the deal. I love baseball. Ask anyone in my family, I might be a tad bit obsessive about the game. I was honestly scared to read this book because I have been burned by baseball-themed books in the past. However, with Out in the Field Kate McMurray did justice to the game I love while giving me characters I cared for and a storyline I could enjoy.

McMurray tackles the very real problem of how and when to come out as gay when you are a professional athlete by pairing two men at the either end of their careers. One a rising star, and one a veteran who is one blown knee from retirement. Iggy starts the story as a rookie. Matt is the future Hall-of-Famer that Iggy idolized as a teenager. They both play for the fictional Brooklyn Eagles.

Out in the Field is not a quick story, timeline wise. There is no quick fix and riding off into the sunset. Iggy and Matt have to work for their relationship. They don’t fall into bed and think everything will work out because they love each other. They build up to love. They fight. They fuck. They laugh. They make up. They worry every day that they might be found out. They worry about their teammates as well as the fans. They worry about every little look, every little comment. They each have to live two lives.

In the end, they are both out. One on their own terms. The other one, not so much. We see the stress the closet puts on their relationship and their everyday lives. We see them finally become comfortable with themselves and their situation. Through it all we see them love each other.

This book will make you think. It will bring to mind the injustice of the “need” to closet oneself. It will make you want to tell every celebrity out there that it is okay for them to be themselves.


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