Rock Solid by Riley Hart ~ Book Review by Caroline

25041595Title: Rock Solid

Author: Riley Hart

Publisher: Self Published

Cover Artist:

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Genre: M/M Romance


Trevor Dixon has made too many mistakes to count. Sober for thirteen months, he’s determined to do the right thing: rebuild his relationship with his family, and help his brother get Rock Solid Construction off the ground. Failing them again isn’t an option. Too bad the first estimate Trevor goes on alone is for an uptight doctor with a superiority complex.

A hand injury took away the only important thing in Dr. Simon Malone’s life—performing heart surgery. He doesn’t do well with people and has no family, but being a damn good surgeon? He always had that. Now, he doesn’t know who he is. The last thing he wants to deal with is the young construction worker who blows his shot at remodeling Simon’s home.

Trevor and Simon form an unlikely friendship. The more time they spend together, the more Trevor starts wondering if maybe Simon’s not as straight—or uptight—as he thought…and maybe Trevor’s new attraction for Simon runs both ways.

There are too many reasons they shouldn’t be together: they have little in common, their age difference, Trevor needing to focus on his sobriety…yet there’s something about each other that they just can’t shake. They don’t feel so lost when they’re together. But with their footing so unsteady, forming a relationship that’s rock solid seems impossible. There’s blow after blow, and the last one just might be powerful enough to crack their foundation for good.

My View:

Trevor Dixon is only 25 years old and those 25 years have not been easy.

Since his teenage years he has partied and partied hard. When the drink and weed were no longer enough he turned to harder drugs. When a ‘friend’ suggests getting in a car whilst they are both off their heads Trevor doesn’t need to be asked twice. Two things happened that night; his friend ended up dead after crashing the car and Trevor finally admitted he had a problem and went to rehab.

He has been sober for over a year now and with the help of his mother and twin brother Blake he is trying to find his place in the world and run the fledgling construction company Rock Solid that he and his twin have set up.

Dr Simon Malone had no love shown to him growing up. He strived to be the best he could at everything he did in the hope that his father may notice him, but it never quite worked out. The need to be the best never went away and he became a renowned heart surgeon, with a wife that he didn’t really know and no close friendships. His career was all he ever wanted, nothing else mattered as he was the best at what he did. A random attack that left his hand injured and meant he was no longer able to operate left him devastated.

When Trevor and Simon meet it’s not an auspicious start and doesn’t work out as planned. Trevor’s pride gets the better of him and he challenges Simon the next day to reconsider his decision. There is begrudging respect from Simon for Trevor’s tenacity and he also recognises another lost soul.

This is not an easy love story. At points I wanted to strangle Simon as he indulged himself in his pity party once too often. For me the story was about Trevor. He never claimed to be a saint. He took ownership of every single mistake he had ever made, sometimes dwelling on them until he felt like he was sinking, but he worked hard and fought with everything he had to make himself a better person.

Through all his struggles he still managed to fall in love. He opened Simon’s world up and showed him how to live and what was truly important with absolutely no expectations of ever getting anything in return. All he had was hope; hope that he could stay sober, hope that he didn’t let his family down, hope that Simon could fall in love with him and that he could be enough and hope that there could be forgiveness.


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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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