Tea Time with Alexis J Hall and Friends – Taking Stock

Hello Teatimers!

Last session we talked about sexual violence in m/m and this time we were going to talk about non-con.

Except gosh.

Heavy stuff.

We are still going to have that conversation but we thought everyone deserved a bit of a breather.

So I’m throwing tea-time open to readers. What would you like to see more of? Less of? Anything at all?

Broadly, tea-time consists of round table discussions (like this one on bisexuality), responses to books (like this one on Mnevermind) and interviews with authors (like this one with Amy Jo Cousins). Occasionally I strike out with the odd solo opinion piece like this one about diversity, representation and publishing.

I’d really like to do more author interviews (or I could just interview Amy Jo over and over again because she was awesome) but  I’m slightly shy about approaching people (minor failing for an interviewer). But I think armed with “the people have spoken” I would have more courage to accost people.

So are there any authors love that you’d like to see interviewed tea-time style? Are there any guests you’d like us to invite? Any topics you’d like us to cover. Anything you feel is working particularly well or anything you feel isn’t so engaging.

Do let us know in the comments.

PS – Tea Time usually runs on the first and third Thursdays of the month. For the short-term it’ll be dropping to just the third Thursday. Basically because I am mad busy for the few months. But hopefully that’ll make it easier to remember anyway!

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24 thoughts on “Tea Time with Alexis J Hall and Friends – Taking Stock

  1. There are many authors I would like to see you interview, but I would also like it if you gave me (representing PBA) a chance to interview you for Tea Time when you are not so busy 😉

  2. I love that so far Tea Time has been one of this and one of that! I think I personally engage most in topic discussions, but I do like the other stuff as well.

    I love to see different peeps sitting down with you for Tea Time. I love the larger rounds, but am just as happy to read one of your solo thingies.

    Yes, I know… That is not the most helpful of feedback ;-P

    • I definitely would like to get more people involved in the bigger topics – I lazily tend to reach for the same people since I know they’re probably unlikely to say no 🙂

  3. I love what you’ve been doing with Tea Time on this blog–all of it. I would love to see an interview of you by Beverley – that would be lovely and I would love to see you interview Santino/Sonny Hassel as well as other authors. This is one of my favorite blogs – I think you talk about ‘this shit is complicated’ in ways no others are addressing and it is so smart and I love it. Thank you!

    • Thank you Darla. I’m so happy you enjoy Tea Time 🙂

      Imma definitely going to be interviewing Santino somewhere around his next book release so yeah, watch this space 😉

  4. Ohhh. I love the suggestion of you being interviewed! But I’m thinking that because you’re in a position to interview people who are your favourites, it might be nice if you were interviewed by someone *cough* ME *cough* who has you as theirs.

    Failing that, I wouldn’t mind seeing you talk with JCP (shocker!) or maybe a discussion about, and this is something that can bother me, the way women are written in m/m.

  5. I love what you’ve been doing with Teatime all along, the mix of serious discussions, interviews, book reviews, solo pieces by you. More author interviews would be cool. And more . . . you, would also be cool 🙂 Someone interviewing you? Oh, yes, awesome idea! Maybe it could be a mixed sort of thing? With BJ asking her official Prism slate of questions 🙂 & a selection of questions submitted by your adoring friends & fans <3 With you, naturally, having veto power over, y'know, anything *too* blush-inducing 😉

    Haha, maybe you're sorry you asked now?

  6. I would come and talk to you any day! That was so much fun, and challenging too, to figure out my own thoughts with enough clarity to express them. 🙂

    I really do like it when you discuss the heavy stuff, because you and your guests have those conversations at a length that allows for things to be examined deeply. We (the royal We…alas, no, just me and my friends) constantly find ourselves saying on Twitter, “Too hard to explain in 140 characters.” So I think that’s one of Tea Time’s strengths: digging into the stuff we mention on Twitter and then move on from without really getting into it.

    And author interviews, yes, please! I cast my vote for JA Rock/Jill Smith because I can only pester her personally about so many things before she’ll stop talking to me. And I think her books stand up to a lot of intense and interesting conversations. 🙂

    • You were a pleasure to interview — it’s weird and kind of thrilling privilege getting to talk to an author about their work.

      I tend to avoid too much seriousness on Twitter for precisely that reason – it’s hard to properly encapsulate the complexities and nuances of a topic in 140 characters. Hell, it’s hard to do that in tea time, which is why we tend to end up writing these epic things, which end with us signing and going “gosh it’s complicated.”

      I’m a huge fan of JA Rock / Jill Smith so I’d be super happy to pester her 🙂

  7. For a delighted newcomer to your tea-times, the best parts by far are:

    a) interview as conversation – you interact with authors on a wholly unique level which gives the readers a chance at getting to know them and in turn, you. I for one am so over the usual questions so the chatty give and take is wonderful. It also reads much better than, question-answer-next question-next answer-ad nauseum. Some authors I would love to see interviewed: Jordan C Price, Ginn Hale, or Tiffany Reisz.

    b) you broach subjects that most writers won’t openly touch but most readers are dying to talk about. Here’s a few: the fetishizing of male MM writers, the portrayal of women in MM, and the intense scrutiny faced by female MM authors.

    c) the tag-team posts blow me away and are the most fun. It really is like reading a conversation among bookish friends. Twitter is fine but sometimes you really want to hear what your favorite authors think. So choosing one topic, such as a book for review a la Mnevermind or pressing concern, and then openly discussing it? Brilliant.

    d) Would love to see more YA/NA writers here discussing their thoughts with you. Possibilities that come to mind are JC Lillis, Rose Christo, and Nora Sakavic.


    • Thanks Judith – I’m so happy you’re enjoying tea time and this is super helpful! We do seem to keep uncautiously opening cans of worms – but I guess there’s some slight protection in the group discussion format in that it is a discussion, rather than a definitive personal statement about issues that are crazy complicated.

      I’ve already reached out to a couple writers about the role of female characters in m/m and I’m working on the rest.

      And you’re right YA has been very neglected – I’m a huge fan of JC Lillis and I’ll definitely look into the rest.

      Thank you again for this thoughtful response 🙂

  8. I have to say that I also love the tag team conversations they are fun to read and fun to take part in! I think a lot of good subjects for juicy discussion have already been raised.

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