The Time Slip Girl by Elizabeth Andre ~ Book Review by Ameliah

Grunge British flag on ripped paper with big empty space Title: The Time Slip Girl

Author: Elizabeth Andre

Publisher: Tulabella Ruby Press

Cover Artist: 3 Rusted Spoons

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars


What if the woman you loved was more than a century away? Dara, a computer programmer from Chicago, is visiting London when she opens a door in an Edwardian house and slips into Edwardian England. Agnes, a beautiful London shop girl, takes in the bewildered 21st century American lesbian, but, as Dara begins to accept that she is stuck in 1908, she also begins to accept that she has feelings for Agnes that go beyond gratitude. And the longer Dara stays, the harder Agnes finds it to hide her growing love for the accidental time traveler from the future. Will they overcome grief and prejudice to acknowledge their true feelings for one another? Or will Dara be snatched back to the 21st century before they can express their love?

Ameliah’s View:


The Time Slip Girl is a story of Dara, a young woman who is touring London with her brother and picking her life back up after losing her soon to be wife when she falls through time back to 1908. Agnes is a quiet woman who sticks to herself living in fear in soon after the turn of the century. Her abusive brother drops in and out of her life as he sees fit. She really has no choice in the matter if she doesn’t want her closely guarded secret brought to light. On one remarkable night her life is changed forever when she finds an oddly dressed, very confused and confusing female in the basement the home she rents an apartment from. What happens to them next is not mine to tell.

This book was a good paced, well flowing, captivating book that I just could not put down. Really, I read through the night till I finished a bit after the sun rose! It was a great story even before it got to the romance and then it got better! I loved the realness of the characters, their insecurities and doubts only made them more sweet and believable. I liked how Ms. Andre took me back in time and showed me what it really would have been like, the sights and sounds and even the smells…. The hardships people experienced and the things women had to endure, the things that were commonplace then that are taken for granted today. I am so grateful to be alive now and not then!

I enjoyed Agnes’ curiosities and her delight in simple things. How, even though she sometimes seems so meek she has such a strong sense of loyalty and is willing to overcome fear to do what is right and to follow her heart. I fell a bit in love with Dara. Besides being lovely, she was faced her situation head on (after freaking out a bit at first, but going back in time more than 100 years would tend to do that to a person!). She did her best to adapt to and accept the changes she found herself in. She was able to stand up to Ted and keep him from hurting her and Agnes too. She did what needed to be done and allowing herself to love Agnes made me smile and my heart grow so big!

I was thrilled with the ending, it was just right! Once again, Ms. Andre has made me a very happy reviewer!

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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  1. This sounds veeeeeery interesting. I’m a sucker for a good historical LOL. Great review and so glad you shared it!

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