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We’ve all heard writers talk about the character voices they hear in their heads. I’m no different. And this is my moment to talk about them since I’ve ended up with quite a crowd recently.

Simon Roberts, the main character in my “Hat Trick” series, has been active in my head for several years now as I get his story written. It seems as I’ve become used to hearing Simon, it’s become easier to hear other characters wanting attention. This has been particularly true as I work on the final installment of Simon’s story.

I’m thrilled about this.

Having character talk to me means there are ideas bouncing around up there. I take them all seriously, too, making notes about them even when they pipe up at odd times. It’s convenient that usually I can pull out my phone and makes some notes no matter where I am. Less easy is what it happens in the middle of a road trip and I’ve just got to hand on to the concept until I’m stoked somewhere to get it down.

Here’s who I’ve got actively vying for my attention once Simon’s done.

Malcolm: a sixteen year old jock and computer geek–yes, a blend of nerd and jock. His computer skills put him into some very interesting situations. Malcolm wants attention and his YA series is what I’ll start after “Hat Trick” wraps up. This idea cropped up during GRL last year and Malcolm’s been nagging me to get started with him. I’ve got a few pages of notes on this guy.

Jerome: seventeen year old ballet dancer who transfers out of a big city high school to move with his dad to live six months in a small town. Technology lets him keep up his dance studies, but some interesting developments come up for him with some of the locals. This came to me during an American Ballet Theatre performance last summer.

Leo and Matt: These guys have been supporting characters since book one of the “Hat Trick” series. Several series’ fans have asked for their story and I’ve got ideas for that. The interesting thing about this story is that it would allow events in book one to be seen from another point of view as well.

As you can see, there’s quite a bit of YA coming up for me. There are a couple other guys who aren’t quite as fleshed out yet, including that they haven’t told me their names, who also have a good story to tell.

I’ve been lucky over the past couple months, too, that when I wanted to concoct new stories, inspiration arrived to fill a void the characters above couldn’t fit in to. Later this year I expect you’ll get to meet Harry, a voice over artist, and Ethan, a journalism grad student. Each of them had a story I enjoyed telling.

Does this all get confusing? Only when one of the characters gets demanding out of turn, like with Malcolm wanting attention before I wrap up with Simon.

It’s all good though. I’m glad the characters are active. It used to worry me that I’d have a problem coming up with ideas. For right now, at least, it seems the more I write, the more ideas show up. I truly hope this is a long lasting trend since fodder for new stories is always welcome.

~Jeff Adams


About Jeff Adams

Jeff Adams is the author of the Hat Trick series of young adult/new adult stories. He’s also the author of several m/m romance shorts. Jeff and his husband, Will, live in the rural peace of Northern California. Besides writing about hockey in many of his stories, he covers the Detroit Red Wings, and reviews books that feature gay hockey players, for PuckBuddys.com (http://www.PuckBuddys.com). You can learn all about Jeff’s writing at jeffadamswrites.com (http://www.jeffadamswrites.com/). You can also follow him on Twitter @hockeyguynyc https://twitter.com/hockeyguynyc). and sign up for his email list (http://eepurl.com/7TJC9) to get the latest updates.

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  1. I’m glad to see so many projects swirling in your head! Can’t wait to read any and all of them!

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