Weathering the Storm by Caitlin Ricci ~ Book Review by Queue

WeatheringtheStormLGTitle: Weathering the Storm

Author: Caitlin Ricci

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Cover Artist: Caitlin Ricci

Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars

Genre: Contemporary, Gay, Young Adult


A Harmony Ink Press Title

Robbie’s dad has always been hard on Robbie and his brothers, but when their mom dies on Robbie’s sixteenth birthday, he becomes downright abusive. Robbie doesn’t understand why his dad is so mean to him or why his brothers resent him for their mom’s accident, but he desperately tries to hide the bruises. On top of that, after his dad’s horse training jobs run out, he moves them to Colorado to their uncle’s ranch in the mountains.

At Uncle Caleb’s cabin, Robbie meets Sam, a boy whose family also lives on the property. Finally he has a real friend who shares his love of horses, but Sam is black and openly gay. Both traits incur Robbie’s father’s rage. When his dad attacks Robbie in front of Uncle Caleb for standing up for Sam and himself, all of their secrets are thrown out into the open, and Robbie’s life is changed forever.

My View:

Weathering the Storm was an excellent, well-written tale with realistic and enjoyable characters.
Robbie is a young man dealing with a lot. He and his brothers, Daniel and Ben, show horses, but unlike them Robbie can’t do anything right in the eyes of his father. Even on his birthday, Robbie’s dad can’t give him a break.
Things get even worse when Robbie’s mother dies. His father, Dan, becomes physically abusive in addition to the verbal abuse, but only to Robbie. And Dan decides they all need to move and start over, so with their horses in tow, they head to Colorado and move in with Uncle Caleb, their mother’s brother.
Robbie isn’t hopeful anything in his life will change, he is sure his dad will keep beating him and his brothers will continue to do nothing. Then he meets Robbie, whose family lives on Caleb’s property.
I absolutely loved Sam the minute he showed up on the page. He was so comfortable in his skin, despite heartbreak in his past. I also adored his family, especially his mother who ripped Robbie apart thinking he didn’t approve of Sam being gay.
Learning his new friend was queer made Robbie start thinking about his own homosexuality. He’d been so focused on showing horses and dealing with his dad’s treatment that he hadn’t had time to think about crushing on anyone—boy or girl. Robbie and Sam’s relationship was sweet and progressed at just the right pace. I absolutely loved their first kiss.
Dan doesn’t approve of Caleb’s friendship with Sam and his family because they’re black. Dan is always on edge, just barely maintaining his temper when Caleb is around. Eventually that changes and he explodes with fury.
My own complaint was the beginning of the story where there was a great deal of explanation of showing horses. I found it boring and almost gave up on, but was so happy I struck through it. I absolutely loved this story, the characters and the supporting cast. So very highly recommended.
I believe there are more stories to tell with these characters. Of course I want to see more of Robbie and Sam but I’d also like to read about Caleb and his relationship with Trent, who was introduced at the end of the book.

4.5 stars


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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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