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A few months ago, I had the privilege of attending the Dreamspinner Press Author Workshop in Orlando. Not only did I have a fabulous time with friends like JP Barnaby, Shae Connor, and Rowan Speedwell, I also learned a ton.

One of the panels was on social media marketing, taught by the absolutely wonderful Poppy Dennison. Her panel was one of the most informative marketing panel I’ve been in recently, including the marketing courses I’ve taken.

One of the takeaways I had from her panel was to not only look at your social media usage from your perspective, but from the perspective of your fans and readers. It’s very important to consider every post you make from multiple perspectives. Something you may think is innocuous can be easily taken out of context by an unaware fan.

When I see author publicly shaming another author’s book or cover art, it makes me cringe. It is not acceptable behavior for an author to put down their fellow authors. I have seen a lot of bad covers and blurbs, and I’ll often bitch about them, but I do it in private, to friends. I’d never dream of posting any of that publicly.

Not only does it hurt the author, but it upsets that author’s fans. Plus, your fans will look at it and think you’re petty or trying to sabotage other authors. That costs you sales and readers. I’ve seen longtime fans walk away from their favorite authors, just because that author acted like a dick toward other authors or readers.

We as authors are public faces. Everything we say and do on our social media accounts is able to be viewed by thousands upon thousands of people. We may not be big Hollywood names, but we’re still public figures, and it’s important for us to remember that.

Every time I wanted to post something negative on a status or photo, I sit back and think “What would Poppy do?” And nine times out of ten, the answer is “smack me upside the head if I hit send.” Then, I go rant to one of my friends for a few minutes and move on, because, no matter how upset or annoyed I am at something, it’s not worth alienating readers or other authors.

When you’re posting on your public social media accounts, it’s important to carefully consider everything you say. Each and every word you post will be associated with your name, your brand, and your books. If you want to rant or post something negative, do it to a friend or on a personal profile, not under your business name.

~William Cooper


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William Cooper has been writing and reading since he was little. In 2010 he took the first step toward publishing a book and hasn’t looked back since. Whether it’s two men who met in college or brothers who have been in love their entire life, William loves to tell their story for everyone to read.

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  1. I saw an example of this just this morning, and now have no desire to read anything by this new-ish author.

  2. I have a thought but my though may be different then yours, SO. As my Mom taught If I don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything. I would also think WWPS!!.

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