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Title: Eye of the Storm

Author: Arielle Pierce

Publisher: Self Published


Genre: Paranormal


Nathan has never been in love. He’s never felt the pleasure of falling in love, never felt that sense of belonging that comes with being in love. Ever since the dolphin shifter’s pod was broken up by the appearance of a ruthless new leader in Key West’s shifter community, Nathan has turned his back on the one aspect of his life that always gave him joy–becoming Dolphin. Now, he hides in the shadows and pretends that the life he’s built for himself with a domineering, abusive boyfriend is exactly the life he wants.

Jacob has no intention of falling in love. The orca shifter has tracked Aiden, the Key West shifters’ leader, halfway around the world, and all he wants is to avenge his brother. Claiming a mate is the last thing on his mind, especially a mate as damaged as Nathan.

Caught in the path of a hurricane and the boiling maelstrom of their own feelings, Nathan and Jacob soon realize that their goals align as harmoniously as their bodies. Can they work together to defeat Aiden and bring back peace to the Key West shifter community and their own damaged hearts? Or will the coming storm leaving nothing but pain and destruction in its wake?

You know what’s the very best thing about being a writer? You don’t have to just live one life, you can live hundreds, thousands (if you’re a fast writer!), and all at the same time if that floats your boat. You can go to places you’re fascinated about and/or places you already love but can’t live there. And best of all, you can have experiences you’ve always wondered about. And for me, it all came together with my new release.

Here’s the thing: I love Key West. Not just ‘yeah it’s kinda cool and pretty’ kind of love. No, I really love Key West. Back when there used to be wonderful fantasy places like a Border’s bookstore I’d go and pretty much buy any book on Key West. Back in my twenties I was lucky (or foolhardy depending on how you feel about horses!) to get work in the states, as a groom for a thoroughbred trainer. Which meant I got to live in Miami (amongst other places) and go to Key West when I got more than 24 hours off work.

It was amazing for this girl from rainy Wales. There was a heat that pressed in on your body, a humidity that meant you could take a shower, put on your lightest sun dress, go outside (in the shade) and be guaranteed to be covered in sweat in under five minutes. Now, that may sound horrible to most people, but when you come from a place where jumpers (or sweaters, depending on your country) are an everyday item in high summer, then this was mind blowing. And the sense that the tropical jungle was only one missed mowing/pruning away was a revelation to this garden loving person. The homes were something out of a quaint novel, all pastel wood siding and gingerbread trimming.

And the storms!

Ah, the storms. I loved the way they built up throughout the day, gathering over the still water, building and building until the wind at the upper atmosphere cut their tops off. And how the soft rumbles of thunder would fill the air, one very ten minutes, one every five minutes, several at once. Then the storm would be upon you, a sudden and wild creature. It was my dream to live there during the hurricane season.

But here’s the thing, I’m a mama living back in Wales now, my time in America long behind me. But I can’t shake that dream, that want inside me. So—as you do when you’re a writer—I’ve created it, within.

Now, here’s another thing about being a writer: you don’t exactly get to pick the characters who show up from your unconscious, the ones who want to be in that world you’re desperate for. I never picked Nathan or Jacob, they just showed up. The missing piece that brought the first one, Nathan, to me—and the story plot itself—was the old knowledge I had about the behaviour of male bottlenosed dolphin pods towards young male spotted dolphins, both species being plentiful in the waters around Key West. The opening chapter of Eye of the Storm was written long before the rest of the novel.

This story was a long time getting out, two years in fact. And it’s a world that—now that I have it—I don’t want to give up. So look for several more novels and novellas to the Key West Shifters series. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I loved writing it!

Thank you for your time!


In the dark of the back of the bar, Jacob steadied himself with a deep breath. So that was Nathan, the talked about whore of the shifters. There was a longing in Jacob that had more to do with simple lust or want. Oh, it centered in his groin, he could feel the unmistakable heat in there that wanted nothing more than to throw that man down onto the floor and claim what was his.

And that was the worst thing of all.

What was his.

Nathan was his. This he knew without a doubt. But the man was with his lover. His lover, who the two boys the other night had made very clear he cheated on. Jacob hated cheaters. Life was too short to put up with shit like that. So why was he feeling what he was feeling?

God, a mate, a real mate. What was he going to do with this? The last thing Jacob need or wanted was a mate. But such a beautiful mate. Jacob could close his eyes and trace over every part of Nathan’s face in his mind. Full lips, narrow, almost delicate features, big eyes so dark blue they could be mistaken for brown, until you got close—close enough to kiss—and then you could see they were the darkest blue. Like the ocean.

And so sad.

He sighed mightily. This was just the last thing he needed. Who knew coming to this place would turn out so messy? He hated it, hated all of this. Already he could feel that connection between him and Nathan calling him to go to the ocean, tonight. As much as he didn’t want to go, he knew he would.

“Jacob! Table four needs their fries!”

He startled, almost forgetting where he was. Work, damn, that was right. Scratching at the back of his neck in irritation at himself, he turned away from the dark storage room he was in and went to get the order.

He needed to focus on why he was here. To avenge his brother, not to fall in love.

Not to get a mate.

The sea called.

Damn it, Jacob knew he would answer.

About the Author

Arielle Pierce currently resides in both southern Spain and in Wales, ensuring that she doesn’t miss the worst of the rains and gales of one country, nor the blazing heat and droughts of the other. When not merrily scribbling away about the adventures of two men in love she can be found sewing sock kitty cats for her small son or gardening in her back yard, where she is locked into a losing battle with the weeds (and with the sock cats, for that matter). She obsesses about gardens and koi fish, is an avid reader of history and hates talking about herself in the third person.


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