Coming to Colorado ( Colorado Hearts #4) by Sara York ~ Book Review by PizzyGirl

comingtocoloradoTitle: Coming to Colorado ( Colorado Hearts #4)

Author: Sara York

Publisher: Self Published

Cover Artist: Sara York

Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 03/02/2015

Length: Novel (~ 50K-100K)

Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Crime Fiction, Gay Fiction, M/M Romance


Book 4 of the Colorado Heart Series

Davis Whitaker doesn’t shy away from danger. But when his Boston assignment goes haywire, and he can’t trust anyone, Davis is forced to accept help from a stranger.

After an unlikely meeting, Ryan Pruitt offers to help Davis escape the threat lurking in the city. Attraction fires, leaving them both confused about what path they must take. When a dark figure hidden in the shadows almost shoots them, Ryan knows he should leave, but he can’t abandon Davis, even if it puts him in harms way.

Craig has escaped imprisonment. The guys at Wild Bluff have no idea why he’s traveling up the east coast of the United States—straight towards Boston. Mike and Roger go after Craig, but aren’t prepared for what they find. Davis, Duff’s son, is in the crosshairs of Craig’s wrath. Blood is spilled and a life hangs in the balance. Death comes knocking, shocking everyone at Wild Bluff.

Davis and Ryan might have survived the night, but can they last one day without help from the men of Wild Bluff Ranch?

My View:

Coming to Colorado is the fourth installment of the Colorado Hearts series. It is a culmination of the plots and relationships that have been building in the previous three books and is my favorite of all the books. I have a suspicion that this is the last in the series, but I can’t help feeling like there is more to be told. I certainly would read more about this group of men and their missions.


This book began at the end of the time off Duff prescribed for his men in the last book. Each of the couples went away for a time for some sexy R&R. Each pair’s definition of R&R was different. In addition, each couple contemplated their future and what they wanted out of life. In the end, they all decided to return to the ranch to stay.


While the men were all reuniting and getting back to ranch life, the reader finally got to meet Duff’s son and his storyline began to take shape. I must say this storyline was my favorite part of this book. Davis and Ryan were interesting characters who had such potential. They were new to the series so they were wildcards and their story could have gone in any direction. But in the end, their story was full of tension and suspense. I was compelled to keep reading because I needed to know why Davis was being chased, why he and Ryan had such amazing chemistry right off the bat, I needed to know how their story would connect with the current men of Wild Bluff.


And that connection was a great one. It was a natural connection that really made for a cohesive story and rounded out these books nicely. Craig popped back up and this time the men did not sit idly by as the law did its thing. This was personal as Craig was going after Davis to punish Duff. Davis and Ryan were now involved in ranch activities and with the Wild Bluff Crew. After Craig was shown to be the bad guy, the tone of the story changed from tense and suspenseful to deliberate and intentional. I was so happy to see Craig finally get his due. I was so impatient and frustrated as I waited for the story to unfold because I hated Craig and what he did to the men of Wild Bluff. I do have to admit, I wish I would have gotten a better look into his motivation, but I was still highly satisfied with the ending.
Ryan and Davis’s romance was a fast one, but it worked. Their story was why I have a desire for more. It was left with a very hopeful and promising ending and I can’t help but think there needs to be at least one more installment so that I can know that they all retire and live HEA. Please?


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