Fall Into You by Posy Roberts ~ Book Review by Queue

FallintoYouLGTitle: Fall Into You

Author: Posy Roberts

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Cover Artist: TL Bland

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 10/05/2012

Length: Novel (~ 50K-100K)

Genre: Gay Fiction, Historical, M/M Romance


Simon Phillips always hated Thomas.

Ever since his black nail polish high school days, Thomas Schultz has seemed like a carefree, uninhibited wild child, in stark contrast to Simon’s shy, cautious nature. Now, from behind the safety of his hotel bar, Simon must watch, distracted, as Thomas becomes a shirtless rock star for every wedding reception they work. But when Thomas slips him the key to his hotel room, Simon enters a world where the fine line between hate and attraction becomes blurred, and finds more than he ever knew he wanted.

In the social upheaval of the 1980s, love is no picnic. The AIDS epidemic has reshaped the way people think about sex, and the discontent of Generation X drowns out any love songs. Despite the uncertain times, Simon finds himself falling in love. But when Thomas’s band makes it big, the simple act of keeping in touch across the silent miles becomes an obstacle all its own.

My View:

This was a hard book to rate because while I didn’t hate it, I didn’t particularly like it either.

It all moves very slowly with lots of pages between anything really happened. I liked Simon, one of the MCs, and could relate to him, but I didn’t get the same feel for Thomas, who I often disliked.

I enjoyed the scene where Simon and Thomas mess around for the first time, but most of the other sex scenes just didn’t do anything for me. One of those was in a car where, in the middle of messing around, Simon slows things down by getting Thomas to focus on the sound of the rain on the roof. It just seemed like an odd thing to do. The whole scene was difficult to picture and didn’t come off as erotic or romantic.

The first two times Simon and Thomas mess around there isn’t any anal penetration so when Simon finally gets Thomas into bed, Simon is eager to go there. Unfortunately, Thomas has no intention of either topping or bottoming. That in itself is fine, but his reason for it didn’t quite fit.

Thomas is afraid of getting AIDS and not being there for his younger sister, who he has custody of. So afraid he isn’t even willing to do it condoms, even with clean test results for both men. I understand being careful with regards to STDs but Thomas’s fear seemed irrational to me. Even in the eighties when the AIDS epidemic was everywhere. It also seemed an unnecessary conflict between the men when there were so many others.

One of those conflicts was the months between times when Simon and Thomas are actually together. At one point Thomas stops communicating with Simon who decides to move on. It doesn’t last and when Thomas comes back he and Simon reunite.

In addition to pages and pages of what felt like filler, there is also some odd dialogue and somethings that pulled me out of the story. For instance, Simon goes to school with hickeys on his neck and several fellow students as well as professors don’t know what they are. Adults who can’t recognize a hickey? Not realistic.

Despite being set in the past, I never got a strong feel for the setting. It easily could’ve taken place in a contemporary setting without any change in the story.

Overall, not a terribly bad book, just not one that I loved.

3 stars


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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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