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I’d never attended a Pride event until last weekend.  I think part of the reason is that even though I’m bi (or maybe because I am) I always felt a little outside the LGBTQ community.  As a bisexual (or pansexual) woman married to a man, I felt like I didn’t belong there.  Was that in my head? Or the message I internalized because of bi-erasure? I don’t really know, although I suspect it was a combination of both.

But when I found out about an opportunity to attend Ferndale Pride with a handful of other authors from Michigan, I decided to go.

Michigan’s weather is unpredictable at best and last Saturday proved that.  It rained a handful of times on the way to the event and was sunny and warm when I arrived.  By the time I parked and got to the area where our table was set up, storm clouds loomed.  We managed to get a tent set up just in time, but we were at the end of a line of tents and had to throw up plastic to block the rain.


The rain cleared in time for us to set up and for a few hours we had some nice weather with only a few raindrops here and there.  We had a table filled with swag to give away and paperbacks available for sale.  It was interesting interacting with people at the event.  A lot of them weren’t sure what we were about, although we figured out that inviting people over with the comment, “Do you like to read?” worked quite well.  Once people started talking to us the majority seemed curious and interested in what we were doing.  Some were surprised that LGBTQ fiction existed.  One person was surprised and pleased to discover that many of the authors in the genre are straight allies (and high-fived the author in question).

The event taught me a lot of things: I’m a terrible salesperson, but I can get better, I need to practice my signature more, there is a huge demand for lesbian fiction, and best of all, this community is pretty damn awesome.  It was thrilling to meet people who had no idea about this genre and watch them get excited about it.  I only sold a few books, but the people who bought them seemed very curious and eager to read them.

We had to pack up early when another rainstorm hit, this time, a deluge. At one point, we ended up huddled under the lowered tent, trying to keep our books and paper swag dry.


The drive home was long and miserable for me and several of us ended up with headaches.  One of the authors got sick and all of us were exhausted.  The general consensus was that it was totally worth it though, and we’ll be at Motor City Pride on the Riverfront in Detroit this coming weekend, hoping for better weather.

The best part about the event was after I got home. I logged onto Facebook and had a friend request from one of my new readers and a message saying that he’d gone right home to start reading the book and was enjoying it.  Now that’s what keeps writers going.

This may have been my first Pride event, but it certainly won’t be my last.


If you can’t make it to Pride but still want to pick up a paperback copy of The “Equals” series, swing by my author page on Amazon!

~Brigham Vaughn

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Brigham Vaughn has always been a voracious reader with her own stories to tell. After many years of abandoned plots, something finally clicked. Now she’s eating, sleeping, and breathing writing and is excited to have finally figured out what she wants to be when she grows up. In the little time that isn’t spent writing or reading, she loves cooking, yoga, photography, and remodeling her ninety-year-old home. Brigham lives in Michigan with her three cats and an amazing husband who has always been her biggest champion.

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  1. YAY! That is fantastic to hear! I’m so glad that, despite all the weather ick, that you had a great time and found new readers!

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