Five Thing Friday ~ Books You Wish Were on Audio


Each Friday, here at Prism Book Alliance® we will be tackling a very important topic… of sorts.  Five Thing Friday…  The topic will change each week, so be sure to check back.  We encourage you to comment with your own Five Things!

Topic: Books You Wish Were on Audio

We asked each of our reviewers to tell us about five books you wish were available as audiobooks


Ohh.. So so many…
Harry Potter on Audible!!!! (I have the CDs, but dammit I want it on audible)
The rest of Cut & Run (which Riptide just announced is in the works!)
The rest of the Foster High books (and Arcadia while I am at it… )
Champion of the Gods series by Andrew Q Gordon
Conquest series from SJ Frost


Sigil Fire by Erzabet Bishop
At The Waters Edge by Harper Bliss
The Art of Peeling an Orange by Victoria Avilan
Rules of Revenge by AJ Quinn
Switching Gears by Rhavensfyre

Josie Goodreads

Ransom by Lee Rowan
Every Move He Makes by Barbara Elsborg
Heart of Texas by RJ SCott
Duck by Kim Dare.
A Strong Hand by Cat Ford

Lirtle Grafton

Unhinge The Universe by LA Witt and Aleksandr Voinov
Strain by Ameila Gormley
Any of the books in Harper Fox’s Tyack & Frayne series
I Probably Shouldn’t Have Done That by Edmond Manning
Prosperity by Alexis Hall


Training Season by Leta Blake
Latakia by J.F. Smith
A Thread of the Deepest Black by Finn Marlowe
Behind Iron Lace by Mercy Celeste
Absolutely anything by Josephine Myles!


In the Flesh by Ethan Stone
But My Boyfriend is by K.A. Mitchell
The Good Thief by James Buchanan
Taking the Odd series by James Buchanan
Scars by Lynley Wayne

So what are your Five Things???

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3 thoughts on “Five Thing Friday ~ Books You Wish Were on Audio

  1. Everything by Alexis Hall

    Everything by KJ Charles

    The Lost and Found series books by Edmond Manning

    Power Exchange, Safeword, and Queers by AJ Rose

    Carry the Ocean by Heidi Cullinan (I believe this is in the works or will be soon)

    The Enlightenment series by Joanna Chambers

    The rest of Psycop (which will happen but I don’t want to wait)

  2. Your site ate my list 🙁

    These are all series

    Sentinels by Angela Benedetti
    Mnevermind by JCP
    On Call by PD Singer
    Fitzwarren Inheritance by various authors
    David Lloyd Investigations by Liz Strange
    Bay City Paranormal by Ally Blue
    And last but not least
    The last Cut & Run books by Abigail Roux. GIMME RIGHT NOOOOOW. (Also, where are the movies? I want movies…)

  3. You pretty much covered all my “I wish it was on audio” books and series. One I would add though is Kick at the Darkness by Keira Andrews. I just read this and I think it would be great in audio. Also, I’m so excited to hear that the Riptide Cut & Run titles will be coming soon! Any release date yet?

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