Full Circle and Saving Michael (Surf Bay #2 and #3) by Ashley John ~ Book Review by PizzyGirl

surfbayTitle: Full Circle and Saving Michael (Surf Bay #2 and #3)

Author: Ashley John

Publisher: Self Published

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: DNF

Publication Date: 12/01/2014

Length: Novel (~ 50K-100K)

Genre: Contemporary, Gay Fiction, M/M Romance


Book 2 – Full Circle

The year is 1997 and 18 year old Porter has been left devastated after his first love, Kane, chose a life in the army over a life with him in Surf Bay. With his broken heart, he had to find a way to rebuild his life. 17 years later and Porter has it all. He has the handsome deputy Sheriff boyfriend, the adorable daughter and he runs the surf club, but Porter’s life is far from perfect. His relationship is filled with abuse and his surf club is failing.

Kane can’t stop thinking about the decision he made on that dark night when he was 18 and finds himself back at his mother’s little pink house, ready to face his past. When Kane comes face to face with his old flame, deep and buried feelings start flooding back and Kane is faced with the same difficult decision once again. Porter, or the army?

Can Porter resist the first love who shattered his heart? Can Kane find a life of his own without ruining someone else’s? Can Porter juggle his heart, his family and his business, without losing everything?

Book 3 – Saving Michael

The Deputy Sheriff of Surf Bay has hit rock bottom. After pushing his boyfriend away with his drunken, violent behavior, Michael doesn’t have any reason to live anymore. Sleeping in his car and on his father’s couch, Michael is spiraling further and further into a dark pit as he drinks himself to death.

The local vet, Caleb, is young, attractive and full of life. His passion is saving the animals that pass through his surgery, but when the very place he loves is engulfed in flames, it’s up to the local, drunk police officer to save him from the fire. After being saved, Caleb invites Michael to his mother’s annual Christmas party to make his ex, Ace, jealous, but as Michael and Caleb get closer, Caleb knows there’s more to the dark void of sadness that fills Michael, than first meets the eye.

He makes it his mission to save Michael, but is Michael beyond saving? Michael witnessed something horrific as a child that changed the course of his life forever, but will he be able to bring justice to the memories of his past so he can have a future?

My View:

Full Circle

This story started out at a disadvantage. In book 1, I did not like Porter. He appeared to be flighty and irresponsible and was proven to be unfaithful. I did not connect to him, so there was a big part of me that did not want to start this story at all. I was actually difficult for me to pick this one up at all because the author was unable to make me want to read this one based on the previous book.

While the author was able to overcome my apathy towards Porter by explaining his situation, he was not able to make me connect to Porter or care about his story. Porter was just not the type of character I enjoy reading about. Also, I never connected with Kane as an adult. I connected with his younger self and hated the way he and Porter were forced apart, but his adult self came across as whiny and annoying.

Add in the fact that the story needed a good editor, I could not finish reading this story. There were many British phrases and words that Americans living in America would just not use. The writing was very stilted and immature and an editor could have helped fix that. There were portions of the story, such as the interlude, that were not needed at all. In fact I skimmed because I just wanted things to just move forward. After a while I just gave up.

While this one was not for me, I know many readers out there will enjoy it. So if you like a good second chance story and are not particular about British language being used in an American book, maybe you should give this one a try and see if your opinion differs from mine. But I just could not make myself finish this book.


Saving Michael

I didn’t even start this one which is why I am linking this review with the previous story. Michael was an awful person in Full Circle and maybe if I had finished reading that one, I would have had a different opinion, but I hated Michael and had no desire to read his story. So I didn’t even try. My apologies, but this series was just not for me.


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