K. Piet on RainbowCon 2015 ~ Guest Blog, Local Giveaway

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Title: RainbowCon 2015

Author: K. Piet

Publisher: Self Published


Genre: BDSM, Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, Menage/Poly, Trans*


Take a walk on the wild side!

The Second Annual Rainbow Conference (RainbowCon) is coming up in just a month at the Holiday Inn Westshore by Tampa International Airport in Florida. It’s an exciting event centered around QUILTBAG (Queer/Questioning, Undecided, Intersex, Lesbian, Trans*, Bisexual, Asexual, and Gay/Genderqueer) multimedia. This includes fiction, fanfiction, non-fiction, television, movies, stage, music, comics, fan art, and anything else involving QUILTBAG media. For 2015, we’re being hosted by the lovely Holiday Inn Westshore in Tampa, Florida! Join us July 16th through 19th and celebrate artistic diversity!

Post Title: Have Dinner with RainbowCon’s Guests of Honor!
Post Date: Wednesday, June 24th, 2015 (Prism Book Alliance)

One of the best things about going to conventions and gatherings in the LGBTQ genre is that you get to meet some bigger names, minor celebrities who are creating amazing art or fiction that gives visibility to LGBTQ themes and characters. Even small cons like RainbowCon have Guests of Honor, and this year, we have something extra special planned. Alex Woolfson & Adam DeKraker (the creator and illustrator of the amazing gay webcomic, The Young Protectors) want to thank all their online supporters, from their Kickstarter backers to the patrons over at their Patreon page. What better way than to hold a special meet-n-greet dinner at the host hotel’s restaurant?

Art Courtesy of Guests of Honor Adam DeKraker & Alex Woolfson

Escape the horde of con-goers for a more intimate meal shared with these two amazing webcomic creators. This is a chance for their fans to ask questions, get to know them, and perhaps even squeeze a spoiler or two out of them! BUT, space is very limited.

Want a shot at being one of only 20 attendees to share dinner with our Guests of Honor? Here’s what you need to do!

Sign Up for RainbowCon – No-brainer here, but you have to be registered for the event to apply. Registration is STILL OPEN, so feel free to sign up now or contact us about buying a Saturday day pass if necessary!

Support The Young Protectors Webcomic – If you were a Kickstarter backer for TYP or are a current patron over on Patreon, then you’ve done your part! New to the comic? No problem! Head over to the TYP Patreon Page and become a patron! It’s super affordable and helps support the artists on a monthly basis.

Submit Your Name – Once you’re registered with RainbowCon and are supporting The Young Protectors, it’s time to put your name into the hat for the dinner! E-mail Kris at kpiet@rainbowconference.org with “TYP Dinner Entry” as your subject line. In the body of the e-mail, state your name (and any variance if you supported TYP under a different name) and whether you’re a supporter through Kickstarter or Patreon.

Wait for the Drawing – Entries will be collected until 11:59pm Eastern Time on June 30th. 20 names will be drawn at random on July 1st. If selected, we’ll contact you to have you verify your qualification by sending a personal message to Alex Woolfson through your chosen crowdsourcing. We will also contact you about your dinner order, which will need to be made in advance. You are responsible for paying for your dinner. One entry allowed per RainbowCon attendee. Duplicates will be deleted.

Important Details: The dinner is scheduled for 6pm on Saturday, July 18th, 2015. Before you enter, be sure you’re able to commit to that time slot. Attendees will still be able to attend the Masquerade Ball afterward (8pm – 10pm). Dinner orders must be placed in advance; menu will be provided to the winning 20 entries. +1s not allowed. If you enter and win a spot, additional family members or friends cannot tag along. The hotel can only accommodate the 20 winners in addition to Alex & Adam. We’re sorry for any inconvenience!

We hope everyone will take a moment to support our Guests of Honor and take this opportunity at a chance to dine with them during the con! We can’t wait to see everyone there, and we give a huge thanks to Alex and Adam for making themselves available for such a fun dinner! It’s gonna be one-of-a-kind, so definitely participate and spread the word!

RainbowCon Twitter: @RainbowCon_2015
Alex Woolfson Twitter: @AlexWoolfson
Adam DeKraker Twitter: @AdamDeK

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