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Title: My Name Is Meledandri

Author: Mariana Lewis

Publisher: LoveLight Press

Genre: Action/Adventure, Erotica, Fiction, Lesbian, Lesbian Romance, Paranormal, Romance


Hunters don’t become the Hunted. When the game is cat and cat, often all a hunter can strive for is survival.

Meledandri has retained her youth for nearly sixty years, but surviving the City’s near-constant danger has transformed her from a loving young woman into a self-absorbed vampire with a heart of stone. Her days are an endless stream of shoe shopping, disconnection, and meaningless sex.

Rachel Dawson is a bounty hunter, but there’s more to her bounties than simple bail-jumpers: Rachel’s bounties are supernaturals which menace human society, and she’s good at her job. So when Meledandri picks the wrong woman to bite, Rachel comes to her defense, and the two hunters are pitted against one-another in a deadly game which should only have one outcome.

But Meledandri finds her rigid heart shaken to life by this bold, brave young woman. The woman who has to kill her the moment her true nature is revealed.

The City is harsh. Maybe Meledandri will have to be harsher…

Your narrator isn’t the friendliest girl on the block. Can you talk about how the character of Meledandri came into being?

She’s pretty harsh, isn’t she? When I started writing this story, I was thinking about The City, this dangerous world I’ve been developing in a few other lesbian paranormal stories. And I wondered who would survive best in a place like that. She would have to be tough, obviously, and strong. And then Meledandri showed up, almost strutting down the street because she’s such a bad-ass, and from there, she just took over.

You can probably guess that she softens over the course of the story! Nothing like love to crack even the toughest shell, right?

What’s your favorite kind of story to write?

At the moment, I’m really into paranormal. I think it’s because for me, a great book is one that draws me into its world and lets me totally lose myself. It’s almost as good as traveling. So it’s super fun as a writer to create worlds like that, and get lost in them myself.

And of course I love writing F/F stories. Women are amazing in their variety, and emotionally have such a tremendous range. Plus we’re smokin’ hot. 🙂

What’s your favorite animal and why?

Otter, of course! They look like they’re having more fun that pretty much everybody. Plus swimming all day long and eating clams. I can get behind that.

What’s your idea of a perfect place to write?

How about a little cottage on the beach, with someone dropping by with lunch, and cold Prosecco in the fridge?

What actress should play Meledandri in the movie?

Hmmmmm. If Emma Stone could play tough enough, she’d be awesome, Because…hot. And Shailene Woodley would be perfect to play Rachel.

Did you ever imagine you would end up being a full-time writer?

Actually, yes! Partly because I was useless at everything else, and partly because I was so book-crazy as a kid and dead-set on being a writer from about age 8. Once I found out being a mermaid wasn’t an option. (Heartbroken at that news, let me tell you!)

Do you believe in true love?

I have to say yes even though so far I haven’t found it for myself. Love is complicated, isn’t it?

What are you working on now, and what’s coming up?

First up is the sequel to My Name Is Meledandri. After that, I’m thinking about doing a few historical stories. Victorian secret lesbians! That sounds like fun. Just think of the complicated undergarments, coming off one by one….

What country would you most like to go to?

Hard question, because I love love love to travel. One place I’d dearly love to go is India. Such intensity, and culture, and wonderful food. But it’s difficult to save up for a big trip like that, because I also love the tropics, and so my traveling budget keeps getting used up with short trips to the Dominican Republic and Jamaica. Snorkeling is pretty much the best thing ever.

Do you have any particular writing rituals?

What? Me? Oh no. Nothing weird like that. Move along. Really!


“You’re very beautiful,” I murmur as I lift the bottom of her T-shirt and then yank it over her head. She’s wearing a lacy bra, demi cup, and I can see the darkness of her nipples through the lace. She arches her back a little and pushes them at me.

So I lift my eyes to hers and confirm that she’s into it, she’s turned on, no matter all the blather about a boyfriend.

Sex is complicated, you know that. Sometimes the thing we really don’t want ends up making us hot as all hell.

“Take off your bra,” I tell her.

She reaches around and undoes the hooks and her round breasts come tumbling out like big bouncy rubber balls for me to play with. I waste no time but run my palms over them, cup them, squeeze them, and the feel of her skin is such a delight, so warm, so so warm….

I feel my pussy starting to swell up as my desire increases. I take each of her dark pink nipples between my fingers and I press my fingers together, slowly, looking into her eyes. She moans. Then so do I. I bend down and close my mouth over one nipple, it’s salty and tastes faintly of roses, and I lick all around it until it is completely stiff and then I suck it, and twiddle the other one, and now she’s got her arms up on my shoulders squeezing me and pulling me closer.

I put an arm around around her and bring her to the edge of the counter and I step right up to it so our mounds are touching. It is a glorious feeling, pressing against her like that. I keep sucking on her nip and let one hand go down to explore the inside of her thigh. The flesh there is soft. She’s no athlete, and it feels like touching angel food cake, all springy and soft and sweet. I move my hand up, going under her skirt, and she opens her legs wider, then wraps her legs around me and it gives me a quick ripple of excitement to feel her thigh muscles squeeze me.

“You’re so hot,” she whispers into my ear.

I know, you little cupcake, I know.

“I want to bite your ass,” I tell her, and I feel her recoil a little bit from the surprise. I’m not in any hurry though. Right now I’ve got my hand up her skirt, stroking her over her panties, feeling moisture begin to seep through the cheap fabric. It’s making me wet too and when I slip a finger under her panties and feel one of her pussy lips my knees get a little weak from how much I want her.

Mmm,” I say, bringing that finger out from under her skirt and sucking on it.

The counter girl giggles. Her mouth is so pink, so inviting, and I put my lips on hers and kiss her deeply, and then suddenly jerk my mouth away. I take a few fingers and ram them up inside her, put my thumb on her clit and start rubbing it in slow circles, watching her face like I’m a scientist or something, looking for signs that I’ve got the rhythm right, that she’s moving quickly towards orgasm.

Usually I like to take my time. I like to, you know, enjoy myself. But tonight, I don’t know, something feels off. Suddenly I just want to get the whole thing over with.

It’s not her, it’s me.

So I lean back, watching her closely as I fiddle with her clit, teasing it, feeling it swell under my thumb, and then when I think she’s getting close I go back to sucking her nipple, and sure enough, bang, she’s bucking against my fingers and raking her fingers though my hair and shouting out a bunch of nonsense.

Before the quaking has stopped, I roll her to the side and pull down her panties and give her a chomp on the ass. Not really in the mood anymore, but I felt like doing it just for the sake of completeness.

And then I grab a couple of strawberry tarts, throw some dollars on the counter, and take off. I streak back home and lie back on the sofa, eating those tarts and wondering what the hell is wrong with me.

About the Author

TemptationMariana loves to write stories about women going through big moments in their lives–breakups, falling in love, reinventing themselves.

And don’t forget the sexytimes.

She lives in Virginia at the moment with a couple of kids and two unmanageable puppies. And is always half-packed to move somewhere else and start a new adventure.


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