Mocker of Ravens (SPECTR series 2 #1) by Jordan L. Hawk ~ Buddy Review by Beverley and Teresa

mOCKER-OF-rAVENSTitle: Mocker of Ravens (SPECTR series 2 #1)

Author: Jordan L. Hawk

Publisher: Self Published

Cover Artist: Jordan L. Hawk

Beverley’s Rating: 4.25 of 5 Stars
Teresa’s Rating: 5.0 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 06/16/2015

Length: Novella (~ 15K-50K)

Genre: Alternate Universe/Alternate World, Contemporary, Fantasy, M/M Romance, Paranormal


Caleb has spent the last six months adjusting to life possessed by the vampire spirit Gray. Unfortunately, after the events of Fort Sumter, the other agents of SPECTR view him more as a ticking time bomb than a co-worker.

The one bright spot is Caleb and Gray’s boyfriend, federal exorcist John Starkweather. But John has problems of his own. A supernatural killer is on the loose in Charleston, stealing the hearts of its victims to extend its own unnatural life.

With the help of a rookie agent, John, Caleb, and Gray must find the killer before it strikes again…or before they become the demon’s next victims.

Beverley’s View:

Another splendid episode in the SPECTR series from Jordan L Hawk. The paranormal ménage at the heart of this series is always interesting and very sexy. I would have liked more of an story arc to have been included, but that may have been difficult with new characters to introduce. I love their new partner, Zahira Noorzai. Having a Muslim character, who is also female, just adds to the list of prejudices and intolerances revealed through the stories in this series. Being able to read the reactions of three different entities to a situation, John, Caleb and Grey, enables the author to represent many sides to an argument, which ultimately each side learns from. The blurb above explains the plot of this novella.

I think Jordan L Hawk often shows such an understanding of how to present the horrific in simple terms. In one passage Gray announces –

‘I am drakul’

Just the removal of the ‘article’ has the effect of making the assertion, haughty, and far more alien – Brilliant.

My fellow reviewer, Teresa gives her take on Mocker of Ravens below:

Teresa’s View:

I love this series and am so glad that it is continuing! It is the perfect blend of paranormal/horror and romance with a dash of humor thrown in.
Some of my favourite parts are Caleb and Gray’s internal conversations. They are as insightful as they are funny. They bring a much needed lightness to the otherwise grim background of the story. The boys are being treated horribly, after saving everyone in the previous series, and a new NHE threat is on the loose.
I also liked the introduction of their new partner and look forward to seeing more of Zahira. I think she will bring great things to the team.
The sex, as always, is hot. I loved the scene in the storm. I love how the ménage is managed with only two bodies.
The energy of the book was fast paced and kept me riveted. I am looking forward to the next installment already!


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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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