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Hello, welcome to the Prism Book Alliance Blog today. Freddy MacKay here, one of the contributors to Outside the Margins. For my part, I am writing 500 – 1000 word flash fiction pieces. Please forgive me, as these aren’t professionally edited (I did try to catch my mistakes), but I hope you enjoy.



On the Divide – Part 8 by Freddy MacKay


“Bisexual?” Harlan asked again. Cooper banged the back of his head against the door. Not hard, but yeah, it was a bang head moment. Like they hadn’t been going in circles over the same fucking conversation for ten minutes. It was like talking to Evelyn all over again. She hadn’t taken it any better.

“Yup.” Cooper gave a thumbs up. “Both are good.”


“Yup. Both.” Cooper managed a smiled somehow. “Men and women both do it for me.”

Harlan grimaced and shook his head. “So you are a closet case.”
God, no, Harlan was one of those guys. Cooper felt for the door handle. Locating it, Cooper swung the door open and made a sweeping motion with his hand.

“Listen, Harlan, I’d like to say it’s been fun, but it hasn’t.” Cooper paused, but the bartender still hadn’t gotten a clue, sitting on the futon like the door just hadn’t been opened for him. Okay, time to be blunt. Well, more blunt. “You just stepped on a sore spot for me. Bisexuality isn’t B.S. I’m not hiding anything. I’m not trying to make excuses. I’m just me. So, leave. Now.”

But the ass didn’t move.

“Really. I have too much shit going on in my life than to deal with another stalker, or to have someone tell me I’m lying to myself, or whatever it is you’re doing.”

“I’m sorry, Cooper. I am.” Harlan leaned back, the exact opposite of getting up and leaving.
Okay, fine. He wasn’t going, yet. Cooper closed the door again but made no move to the futon.

“I’m not going to hurt you.”

“You’re also not leaving,” Cooper pointed out. “A very Evelyn move if you ask me.”

Well, Harlan had the decency to flinch, that was something. More than Evelyn aka “The Stalker Girl” anyway, and she was still oblivious and mad. Oh, to be honest, she was all kinds of messed up. Too much like Tabitha for his tastes.

“Who’s Tabitha?”

Huh? Cooper glanced back to Harlan, who was still on the couch, not gone. But his expression had changed to something more serious. Frowns did nothing to distract from Harlan’s looks, though Cooper felt smiles suited him better.

“You said ‘Too much like Tabitha’,” Harlan said, crossing his arms.

Great. Defensive posturing. Why did he attract all the weirdoes? Cooper had to be doing something wrong. Or maybe he had come kind of weirdo-attracting pheromone.

“Tabitha was my ex. Nearly killed me.” Cooper lifted his shirt, pointing to an old scar, one that lined his entire abdomen. He also showed off a couple puncture wounds where she stabbed him. “Things started small. Her wanting me to wear certain things. Then buying me what I should wear. It spiraled downward after that. By the time I realized I needed out, she was already throwing stuff at me and hitting.”

A small part of Cooper wished he could enjoy the expression Harlan had. Didn’t he look completely and utterly aghast? Shit. This is why Cooper hated saying this stuff. He pulled the shirt back down, tugging it for a couple times just to make sure it was in fact, all the way down.

Cooper hated those scars but he would never, ever be able to hide from them completely.

“You—?” Harlan began, but his voice gave way. Cooper didn’t need to guess what was coming. He’d had this conversation before. Harlan leaned forward. “You let a girl hit you?”

“You just can’t help putting your foot up your own ass, can you?” Cooper snapped. God, he hated this fucking conversation. It went the same every time. No question. “But you don’t know shit. So do me a favor and just leave.”

It wasn’t immediate, but Cooper saw the moment Harlan decided it—what it was, ’cause that much Cooper hadn’t figured out—wasn’t worth the fight anymore, and stood.

‘Bout time the ass left.

“I really am sorry, Cooper. I just—I just…” But Harlan stopped. He pressed his lips together and shook his head again.

When Harlan looked up, the tension in Cooper finally unfurled. Finally, the ass would just take a hint and leave.

“Now, if you don’t mind,” Cooper said, indicating the door. “I do better alone, thank you.”

Suddenly Harlan tensed, their eyes meeting. A spark went off in Harlan’s gaze. Shit.

Some days Cooper had to wonder what karma he pulled in from past lives to have to put up with this nonsense now.

End Part 8



~Freddy MacKay


About Freddy MacKay

I grew up and went to college in the Midwest where I currently reside with my family. I spend most of my time playing sports and running around outside. And honestly, that much has not changed since I was little, except who is included my activities. I also have a healthy geocaching addiction. It’s so much fun! I enjoy spending my time traveling when I can, and I hold the view that a person should continually to learn about new things and people whenever possible.

My contemporary LGBTQ book, Incubation: Finding Peace 2, won 3rd Place – Best Gay Erotic Fiction in the 2012 Rainbow Awards. In 2013, Internment, won 3rd Place – Best Gay Fantasy in the Rainbow Awards. Feel Me (The Marduck Expanse) was a Gay SF Finalist and Honorable Mention in the 2014 Rainbow Awards.

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