Pure Innocence by Victoria Sue ~ Book Review by Caroline

25646406Title: Pure Innocence

Author: Victoria Sue

Publisher: Dark Hollows Press

Cover Artist:

Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 06/06/2015


Genre: BDSM, M/M Romance


They’d finally caught the madman who had been kidnapping, torturing and murdering submissives. Damon had sat in that warehouse, clutching Oliver, the boy barely alive, and somehow in the weeks that followed Damon never seemed to be able to let him go.

Oliver was broken, in body, mind, and spirit. And for the first time since he had brought him home from the hospital, Damon started questioning himself. Was he going to be enough for Oliver? If he could even find all the pieces of Oliver’s broken soul, could he mend them? Had the horrors that had ripped through Oliver left too many holes for Damon to repair? And finally, if he was going to be able to put Oliver back together, could he stop his own heart shattering in the process?

My View:

This is a great series and Pure Innocence is another enthralling story.

At the end of Pure Indulgence the kidnapper/killer had been caught, Adam had escaped and thus brought in the rescue team and this was where we first met Oliver. Where Adam had only been there a few days Oliver had been there for weeks and the torture he had endured was horrific. Barely conscious, barely alive and damaged almost beyond repair he is cradled in Damon’s arms until the paramedics whisk him away.

This is a story of healing and mastering demons. Oliver has a long recovery ahead of him and with no family and friends he soon starts to rely on Damon who hasn’t left his side since he was found. Plagued with nightmares and with injuries that leave him unable to do the most simple of tasks Oliver is not in a good place.
Damon has a massive calming influence on him, his voice and touch seem to be the only thing that keeps Oliver grounded.

Oliver has not had a great life even before he was kidnapped and tortured and finding the ability to trust anyone is extremely difficult for him. As Oliver and Damon grow closer trust is the one thing that Damon wants from him. The BDSM part of this book is very much a D/s relationship and the only submission that Damon wants from Oliver is his trust. To trust that he is safe and that he doesn’t need to worry about anything but healing.

I loved the relationship that the author built between Damon and Oliver. Both men were unsure, both men recognised things in the other that called to them but they spent their time walking on eggshells around each other and not communicating very well. With this miscommunication comes more demons from Oliver’s past and a way to relieve the build-up of stress. Their inability to talk to each other may prove their downfall if neither one can open up and talk about their fears.

There is another sub with his own agenda who I would have liked to have seen taken to task for his trouble making and inappropriate treatment of Oliver…maybe we will see more of him in the future?


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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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