Rebirth ~ Outside the Margins with Brandon Witt

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Brandon Witt Outside the Margins

So here I am.
May 28, 2015.
Three years before I planned.
Losing four-fifths of my income.
Thrilled, terrified, naively optimistic.
Knowing full well, there is no possible way I have any idea of what truly lays ahead.

I hugged the kids goodbye today. Turned in my keys (I now only have one key on my key ring, and how I love that!). Attended, briefly, the staff party where we all spoke about how much we love each other (true words). I went to dinner at The Melting Pot with my friend and para, Noelle, fulfilling our celebration we planned last September when I told her I was leaving after this year.


The dinner felt like bridge.

Tonight, I will play with Dolan a bit more, talk to my boyfriend, then take a bubble bath. I will go to bed a teacher.

Tomorrow, I will wake up an author.

I’ll put of coffee. Clean the house. Sage the house, with a brush of sage I’ve been saving for this occasion (while I don’t believe in the power of sage, I do believe in the power of intention). I will do more planning on the books that I will start writing during the second week of June.


As ever, I will work tirelessly on my craft, only now, I will work tirelessly full-time on my craft instead of the few hours I could wring out before.

From this moment, while I am still teacher and still a writer, I leap towards the life of an author. And I will continue to leap.

I am thankful for what has been, what is, and what is yet to come.


~Brandon Witt


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About Brandon Witt

Brandon Witt resides in Denver, Colorado. When not snuggled on the couch with his two Corgis, Dunkyn and Dolan, he is more than likely in front of his computer, nose inches from the screen, fingers pounding they keys. When he manages to tear himself away from his writing addiction, he passionately takes on the role of a special education teacher during the daylight hours.

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7 thoughts on “Rebirth ~ Outside the Margins with Brandon Witt

  1. I did that in 2013. I miss the students but not the paperwork. Good luck with your retirement.
    PS I love the smell of sage. I have some growing in a pot in my yard.

  2. Congratulations on the switch (I can’t bring myself to use the word retirement considering that you’ll be full time writing from now on. And good luck in the future. I’m going to enjoy watching you succeed.

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