Shotgun by Marie Sexton ~ Book Review by Caroline

25464546Title: Shotgun

Author: Marie Sexton

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Cover Artist:

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 05/29/2015


Genre: M/M Romance


Part of the Coda Series

As a young man, Dominic Jacobsen already suspects he’s gay, and he gets all the confirmation he needs when a rich boy from out of town climbs into the back seat of Dominic’s GTO. One night with Lamar Franklin is all it takes to convince Dominic he’s found the man of his dreams. Unfortunately, that one night is all he’ll get before Lamar returns to Tucson.

Fifteen years later Lamar returns to Coda, Colorado, after ending the latest in a string of bad relationships. He’s alone, depressed, and plagued by late-night phone calls from an unidentified caller. Lamar’s ready to give up when he comes face-to-face with his past.

Since he was seventeen, Dominic has dreamed of a reunion with Lamar, but that doesn’t mean he’s ready for it now. Facing small-town rumors and big-family drama is bad enough, but Dominic won’t risk losing custody of his teenage daughter, Naomi. The only solution is to make sure he and Lamar remain friends and nothing more. Clothes stay on, no matter what.

It seems simple enough. But for better or worse, Lamar has other ideas.

My View:

I have been a huge fan of the Coda series since the beginning but this is probably my least favourite in the series and I think that is mainly due to the fact that I just didn’t like Dom.

When Dom and Lamar meet at a party when they are seventeen they are immediately attracted to each other. After sneaking off from their friends and smoking a joint ‘shotgun’ they have a hot and steamy make out session in the back of Dom’s cars, sadly that is about the hottest the sex gets between them for the entire story.

Lamar left Coda the next morning and doesn’t return for 15 years and by then a lot of things have changed. Dom is ensconced in the family business with a failed marriage behind him and a teenage daughter to look after. His family are a mixed bunch but there is a lot of homophobia so Dom has stayed firmly in the closet.

Lamar has spent his life making poor relationship choices and the latest one is the reason he has returned to Coda and took a job at the local school. He has only been there a few weeks but has been plagued by anonymous silent phone calls and now his car has been trashed.
The mystery of who is stalking him and wants him out of Coda is not resolved until the end of the book, I can usually guess who the perpetrator is but I had guessed completely wrong this time.

Luckily Lamar makes friends with the other 4 gay men in town who we have met in previous books as Dom was really no use, even as a friend, a lot of the time. His promise to always be there for Lamar was sadly lacking when push came to shove and this was something I disliked about him intensely. Even when they spent night bonding over Lego kits their friendship meant nothing when Dom got scared.

Lamar pushed and Dominic ran. This went round and round until something had to give and in the end I felt like shaking Dom and telling him to grow up. It was frustrating, he clearly didn’t know his daughter as well as he thought judging by her response, and even though we got a happy ending I still felt like Lamar been treated badly and Dom didn’t deserve him.

I did enjoy seeing the old characters once again and catching up with where they were with their lives and they proved to be good friends to the new man in town when he needed someone.


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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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