Stepbrotherly Love by Evan J. Xavier ~ Book Review by Zane

61bOKmCF9ML1Title: Stepbrotherly Love

Author: Evan J. Xavier

Publisher: Self Published

Cover Artist:

Rating: 1 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 03/26/2015

Length: Novella (~ 15K-50K)

Genre: Contemporary, Erotica, Gay, M/M Romance, Romance, Taboo


An extraordinary night of sweat and tears

An unexpected car mishap left Milo and Capa stranded in the middle of nowhere. They end up spending the night at a roadside motel where their bond is tested, leading them to an extraordinary night of sweat and tears.

My View:

Wow. Just, wow. And, sadly, not a good wow.

I was excited for this book, since it claimed to be a romance. As much as I love Brother/Brother erotica, Brother/Brother romance is even better! Sadly, the author missed the mark quite a bit in this one.

There was very little romance in this book, unless you count pining over someone from a distance romance. There were no dates, no sweetness, no romanticism. Hell, they only had sex together twice in the book. Most of the book was the main character, Capa Remus, whining and moping over his adoptive brother, Milo. Not an attractive story in the least.

Combined with significant writing issues, this book failed almost every one of my personal tests. The writing issues went beyond simple typos or weak sentence structure. Basic rules, like paragraph breaks when a new person begins speaking, were not evident.  As if the author was never coached on the proper way to do things, or did not engage an editor for this manuscript. The author also interchanged words such as “cartoon” and “carton” leading to poorly constructed images such as a “cartoon of ice cream” which appeared at least a half dozen times. I really want to suggest a good editor to help this author improve the little things that could have been avoided.

I also had issues with the execution of the story. The book started out with Capa in middle school and ended after his first semester in college. And yet, according to Amazon, the book was only 41 pages. How was a time span this large covered in such a short book? Time skips. Lots and lots of time skips. We got snippets of Capa’s life, without the necessary descriptions and details needed to tie these snippets together. For example, the characters would go from standing in the middle of the road in one sentence, to driving a car in the next, without any clue that they switched locations or how they did so. This was another case where an editor would have been helpful.

The characterization did not work for me either. Milo insisted on calling Capa “bro-bro” throughout the entire book. It made me think of a two-year-old who was still figuring out words and calling out for his big brother. Total turn off in what was supposed to be an erotic romance.

Then there was Capa’s college roommate, Mo. Dear lord. This man was the most stereotypical gay man I’ve ever seen in a book. If he burped rainbows and shit glitter, I wouldn’t have been surprised. It was like the author took every single gay stereotype that existed and rolled them all together to create Mo.

I can’t recommend this book to anyone. It needs significant editing before I feel it is something I would tell others about. I hope this is not reflective of all the author’s work, but feel he should take some time to research writing skills or invest in a good editor before trying again.


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