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Summer Reading:

Sunday Spotlight - Summer Reading

Whether images of beach towels or hammocks or front stoops, or the deep freeze of the A/C b blasting while curled up under a blanket, or the windows flung wide open and the outside world and all of its sounds playing backdrop, summer reading feels… different somehow. Special. An extra sweet treat.

Fluff, adventure, romance, the hot title of the moment about which everyone is yammering while tucked under their arm, or sitting on the nightstand, or at the front of the carousel on the tablet, it feels like a club to which we can all belong. The entrance fee? Merely choosing which book to read and enjoy next. It’s a club that meets for a few short weeks once a year and everyone can join in on the fun.

Why does it feel different? Is it simply because it’s summertime? Is it linked to childhood memories when, no matter whether you were stay-cationing or gallivanting, you were destined to enjoy whatever book you chose simply by the act of choosing itself? Or, does it go deeper than that. Is it connected to feelings related to the ability to escape (boredom? The heat? Life?) into a story, something you can then share with the people in your life. Is it something even simpler: a way of expressing and sharing love during a time of the year that seems to hold more freedom.

There is something different about summer reading. **

** I realize that uhhhh, for our family Down Under, it’s wintertime, buuuuuuuuut… maybe we can bring a little summertime to your winter blues. 😀

What does that term, summer reading, conjure up for you? Do you have memories of summertime reading adventures, even those assigned for school? And what books are on your summer reading list? Are they favorites being reread or new releases? Do you have any summer reading traditions?

Summer reading… there’s something special about summertime + books.

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2 thoughts on “Summer Reading ~ Sunday Spotlight by Lirtle

  1. I remember a particular summer many years ago when I took a trip to Washington with my grandmother to visit her sister. I had just started The Stand by Stephen King. I can still remember relaxing in a hammock by the lake eagerly reading that one. 🙂 This summer I am going to tackle some of the books in the TBR pile of my Kindle. Right now I am reading Ella Frank’s Temptation series. I also plan on finally getting to Josh Lanyon’s Adrien English series. I definitely have enough reading material to last several summers. 😀

  2. Hahaha I definitely have enough for several summers, too. 😀
    I have memories of laying outside in the backyard, sun shining, and hours racing by before I knew it.

    The AE series is perfect summer reading: humor, mystery, and romance.

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