The Altered 2 (Lycanaeris) by Annabelle Jacobs ~ Book Review by Beverley

the-altered-2Title: The Altered 2 (Lycanaeris)

Author: Annabelle Jacobs

Publisher: Self Published

Cover Artist: Natasha Snow

Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 05/28/2015

Length: Novella (~ 15K-50K)

Genre: Contemporary, M/M Romance, Urban Fantasy


A remote farmhouse in Cornwall seems the perfect place for Ash to settle into his recently altered status. Starting a new life there with Sam—the shifter he can’t stay away from—should be easy this far from London where they faced so much danger. So why does adjusting seem impossible?

Sam has issues of his own. He has to get used to his human form again after living the last eight years as a wolf. It’s hard when human worries weigh so heavily on his shoulders. Life is much more straightforward from a wolf’s perspective, until Ash needs his human support.

Ash’s problem is simple: he’s fearful of shifting fully. How can he believe he won’t hurt Sam when his genes were altered to create a killer? Despite repeated reassurance, his anger and resentment increase. Only one thing is certain: if Ash can’t learn to trust himself soon, he’s in danger of proving himself right.

My View:

I loved this novella, but it felt like maybe The Altered #1.5 rather than book 2. This is the romance most of us who read The Altered, wanted. It is the novella, which answers the questions about Ash and Sam.

After the action and adventure of The Altered, this novella is quiet, and takes our main characters to a isolated farmhouse to regroup and recuperate somewhere safe.  Ash was injected with a serum at the end of the last book, and no one is quite sure what it will do to him apart from Daniel who, as a seer, caught a glimpse of a beautiful white wolf. The approaching new moon causes Ash to start to behave out of character, and the story is set around the lead up to the new moon and the relationship between Ash and the others at the farmhouse.

We find out why Sam stayed as a wolf for eight years. Why Keira and Sam are independently wealthy, but without any family and what will happen to Ash. I loved this novella, but was a little disappointed, as I thought it was the next novel in the story of those altered. I thought it would include the government conspiracies, and the dangers of being an altered or a seer, maybe new altered’s in need….

Having said that this is a little gem of a read. Annabelle Jacobs has a lovely touch when writing about emotions and truisms. Ash, who was just human until a few weeks before is now waiting, to see how he has been altered, and to understand why he is drawn to a wolf.

This author is partly so readable because she writes real reactions and real emotions for her characters. Of course it is strange to be drawn to a wolf. Of course you would be mixed up when presented with the human version of that wolf. Ash finds it hard to treat the two as one being, and regardless of the phenomena of ‘mates’, which so many shifter stories rely on, so would we all. Additionally, Ash shows us how he finds it easier to relate to the wolf – it is easier to talk to, and stroke animals. Animals make great comforters and confidantes, so all of Ash’s insecurities relating to human Sam are totally believable.

I love this kind of urban fantasy where the world building works seamlessly with reality – rather than jarring it. I hope there will be another one in this series, as the premise behind the story arc of The Altered is clever, unique and interesting – I for one would like to know more.


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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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