Bewitched by Bella’s Brother by Amy Lane ~ Buddy Review by Teresa and Brandilyn

BellasBrotherLGTitle: Bewitched by Bella’s Brother

Author: Amy Lane

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Cover Artist: Anne Cain

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 08/11/2010

Length: Novella (~ 15K-50K)

Genre: Contemporary, M/M Romance


Sebastian Craig and Isabella Bryne have been best friends for five years in the Neverland of academia, and that’s where they’re planning to stay. So when Bella’s brother, Asa, offers them a rent-free summer in his gorgeous home before they move to their next college and degree, they jump at the chance. It looks like a good deal at first… but there’s more to Asa than meets the eye, and Sebastian finds himself suddenly hip-deep in complicated, grown-up problems and the frightening, bemusing prospect of having a family that will miss him when he’s gone.

When the best summer of his life finally ends, Sebastian has to make a difficult decision between staying in perpetual childhood forever, and facing adulthood—with all of its joys and fears. It seems that when Sebastian and Bella came up with a master plan for the future, they didn’t count on Sebastian being bewitched by Bella’s brother.

Teresa’s View:

Bewitched by Bella’s Brother is definitely on the lighter side of Amy Lane’s offerings. While there are still tragic back-stories for the characters and difficulties to overcome, the tone, on the whole, is sweeter and not as heart-wrenching as some of her other works.

I enjoyed Sebastian’s personality, and even though it took him a while to realize what it was he needed, I believed in his motivations. Asa was a great father to Jordan and I really respected him. I totally saw what Sebastian did in him and could see how the two were attracted to each other.

Bella was a great secondary character and was a strong female influence. Julie, though her role was minor, also fell into that category. Both helped round out the story.

As always, I love Amy Lane’s descriptions and prose. It just flows and keeps you engaged in the story. Reading this book was a pleasant way to spend a day.

Brandilyn’s View

I will admit, Bewitched by Bella’s Brother has been languishing on my TBR for ages. The cover just put me off. The couple of times I picked it up, I was distracted by something new and shiny, and it fell by the wayside time and again. I finally gave into reading it when it was suggested for me, yet again, in a challenge recently.

Bewitched by Bella’s Brother is at its core a Best Friend’s Brother story. It is putting two reasonably attractive men in proximity for a set amount of time and watching both of their worlds turn upside down. It is a pretty classic trope in romance. However, given the skill of an author like Amy Lane, what you end up with transcends the trope and becomes a story of two men for whom you absolutely can’t imagine anything but them ending up together.

Seb has been friends with Bella for years. He has been accepted whole heartedly into her extended family and is scared to risk that by starting something with Asa, with whom he has an instant attraction. They couldn’t be more different. Asa recently divorced from a woman and with a young child. Seb a perpetual student who proudly wears his gay card in every mannerism and clothing choice.

Seb and Asa don’t make it easy. They both have an end date in mind and despite their hearts they steamroll right up to that deadline. They refuse to tell each other just how much that deadline looming is breaking their individual hearts. They want so much what is best for the other that they can’t bring themselves to be selfish.

Together, they seem to make the wrong choice more than the right one. In the end, however, they find their way to their much needed happy. Please don’t let the cover deter you from this wonderful early offering from the fabulous Amy Lane.


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