Demons, Imps and Incubui by Laura Harvey ~ Book Review by Ameliah

Demon-CoverTitle: Demons, Imps and Incubui

Author: Laura Harvey

Publisher: *Not Listed

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 06/01/2015

Length: Novel (~ 50K-100K)

Genre: Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe/Alternate World, Bisexual, Contemporary, Drama, Erotica, Mystery, Paranormal, Science Fiction


Demons, Imps, Incubi: dark, powerful, and forbidden. Only the foolish would seek one out for seduction, and yet . . . deals are struck. Souls are ensnared.

But must a demon’s agenda always be demonic? Can he be redeemed? Or does being bad feel too good to bother with redemption? Long ago, imps were more mischievous and playful—naughty, perhaps?—and perceptions of them have only grown more sinister over the centuries. The incubus craves sex, but what makes us crave him?

Explore dark and sensual worlds with eight brand new stories of magic and seduction that will set you aflame by Cori Vidae, Alexa Piper, Erzabet Bishop, Mark Greenmill, Nicole Blackwood, J. C. G. Goelz, Jeffery Armadillo, and M. Arbroath.

My View:

Very Hot Creature Feature
This is a collection of 8 stories by 8 different authors.

1) Circles Within Circles by Cori Vidgo – A young lady discovers the truth of her heritage. Will she be able to use her new power in time to save her brother with the help of the sexy incubus she actually summons? This is so erotic and most delicious.

2) Measures of Greed – A rare Taotien is a greed eating shifter. Not much else is known about them. This one seems to feed on greed. He comes across a witchling who is instinctively drawn to his lust and curiosity for nurses. He cannot understand why he is unable to use his unusual power against her. There was a lot of sex in this story.

3) Pomegranate Cupcake by Erzabet Bishop – Demeter is desperate to see her daughter Persephone. She seeks in to a part Hades is throwing. This night will be full of surprises. This was a fun and by far and away my favorite in the book. It’s sweet and sinful and I do love that Goddess!

4) Burning Edge of Dawn by Mark Greenmill – A young accolade service summons a demon who is the Lord of his realm. He too has the very rare golden eyes that Celeste has. Santorava’s world view is forever changed after his wife is captured by a human. He longs for her. Celeste offers herself as host so he can stay in her world to find her… will he find her before it is too late? Wow, I really like this stirring tale! Mister Greenmill is a very talented story teller who immerses you with his saga, leaving you breathless and happy.

5) Another favorite of mine is: Dromtsiirin At the Tiki Lounge by Nicole Blackwood – A group of demons who find a feeding ground at the lounge. The leaders are trying to sell the power to a host if unknown Otherworldly creatures. Benji has been sent to protect Kiki, the owner of the lounge. The lounge is located over the feeding grounds, a strong power source. Should he fail he will be vanished to the void with a bounty on his head. Like most of his kind he dislikes humans but there is just something about Kiki… This is a long story at 12 chapters but I really liked it. It has everything a great drama should have. Romance, action, intrigue and a massive fight seen. It was Great! I would love to hang out with Miss Blackwood. She’s got an amazing mind.

6) Soulmates by J.C.G. Goelz – This was a short, sweet story of love between two people who are not what they seem to be. It was fun and light hearted and good

7) Lilin and Irdo: Promettre by Jeffrey Armadillo – This story is about a succubus and and incubus that have broken a huge rule about falling in love with each other. What price will they have to pay when their secret is discovered? I loved how different this story was from the others. It was happy and sad and it left me actually worried about the lovers’ future.

8) Iron and Embers by M. Arboath – This tale is of an iron working human and a Goblin Duke. It is a bit like Cinderella story but better. I liked the Otherworld setting and the diverse cast of characters as well as Ember’s strength and strong will. And who knew, Goblins are sexy? Go figure!


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