Five Thing Friday ~ Least Favorite Words in a Story


Each Friday, here at Prism Book Alliance® we will be tackling a very important topic… of sorts.  Five Thing Friday…  The topic will change each week, so be sure to check back.  We encourage you to comment with your own Five Things!

Topic: Least Favorite Words in a Story

We asked each of our reviewers to tell us about what five words (or expressions) do you hate to read?


Fluttering ring
Babe – (I suspect it’s an English thing)
Lucked out – (we say ‘in luck’) it really bugs me, sorry.
Essence – it’s Cum or Jizz or even semen not Essence
Plus, Any references to how lovely his cum tasted – it doesn’t – it all tastes like salty bleach, whatever you eat!


I find cringe-worthy:
– “fluttering hole”. Always reminds me of farting.
– “leaking cock”. Umm, adult diapers, anyone?
– exclamation marks in the narrative
– People constantly “snorting”, “huffing” or “barking” a laugh.
– repetitive expressions or phrases


fluttering hole or channel
boy pussy
cunt (or any version of the c-word)
“gonna” to declare an impending climax
weeping dick (sorry it just sounds like VD)


fluttering or burning holes
squealing during sex, we are not pigs
asses gnawing on boners
any terminology that likens secretions to anything that can be misinterpreted for diseases or something painful (weeping for instance)
innards, dear gods no more innards


He released the breath he didn’t know he was holding.
Cock referred to as a worm.
The asshole referred to as:


Tangling tongues
Weeping dicks
“Need you”
Green eyes (no one really has green eyes, surely not emerald green)
Very short post-climactic recoveries (just not true, even at 20)

So what are your Five Things???

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8 thoughts on “Five Thing Friday ~ Least Favorite Words in a Story

  1. Bahaha! This cracked me up! I’ve never even seen “fluttering hole” but almost every one of you mentioned it. Was there a criteria for this that it had to be about the ‘nether regions’ only? My cringe-phrase is: “want, no need…” or any version of that.

    • Honestly Jaycee we all came up with our ideas independently, but you should see some of our PBA chats…so many fluttering holes and worse – we read a lot of books between us – not all great

  2. i love the lists everybody provided, i had fun reading this and i have to agree to all but one because Ulysses there certainly are people with green eyes, I know because both me and my son have green eyes 😉

    it was a fun post and i’m still laughing LOL

  3. I’d agree with all the phrases mentioned already. In addition I’d like to add

    * giggle (does anyone above the age of 10, cronologically or mentally, really do that?)
    * winking asshole (I mean, come on!)
    * ‘cried like a girl’ (or variations thereof) implying that crying is a weakness.

    • Yes – ‘cried like a girl’ is plain offensive, and ‘winking asshole’ same poor guy probably has the ‘fluttering’ one.

  4. Agree, a funny post. Most of my pet peeves are there already!
    I do get a bit put off if there are too many alternate names for penis and cum.
    Too many endearments too – flowery language. Probably because I’m not that sort of person – one or two repeated is fine, not a new term each time!!

  5. * smirked/smirking — please there must be a character somewhere who has *not* smirked. It just pops up all the time and it grates on me.

    * Anything weak is likened to female behaviour – ‘any moment he would scream like a girl. Run away like a girl’ and so it goes on.

    *??!! — or any variation. Looks like a five year old got to the keyboard.

    Just about everything else covered above, except object to the ‘nobody has green eyes’. I do, not emerald green, but green. And I once worked with a gentleman who had golden-green eyes, absolutely amazing eyes. So there are green eyes and variations out there in real life.

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