Five Thing Friday ~ Travel Pet Peeves


Each Friday, here at Prism Book Alliance® we will be tackling a very important topic… of sorts.  Five Thing Friday…  The topic will change each week, so be sure to check back.  We encourage you to comment with your own Five Things!

Topic: Travel Pet Peeves

We asked each of our reviewers to tell us about five things that drive you crazy when you travel?


Cranky, yelling and over indulged children
People who do not listen to instructions causing more wait time
I have an anxiety disorder so just being around so many people in the airport makes me insane
Drivers who are going way under the speed limit when there is no way to get past them.


Noisy Uncontrolled Children – (especially those whose parents then yell over them in order to tell them to be quiet.)
Hotels whose windows only open an inch – (I am not frightened of cat burglars, and if your hotel is nice – I won’t jump.) (sorry for tangent)
Children who kick the back of my seat on trains or planes – (when you are as rigid, as I am on planes, it hurts and always infuriates.)
People with Umbrellas in crowds – I’m 5ft 4ins and I’m nearly blinded every rainstorm in London.
Heat – when I start journeys I’m all cool and fresh – when I finish I’m a sweaty limp lettuce with cheeks the shade of beetroot (in fact I’m a bad salad)


To be stuck in a traffic jam when you’ve got to pee so badly
Being the clueless, lost tourist holding up traffic while all the natives blare their horns and shake their fists at you
finding the accomodation dirty, bug-infested or smelling badly.
having to sit through a 12+hour flight next to a smelly/chatty/space-hogging person

Josie Goodreads

People who recline aircraft seats
Sitting opposite someone who wants all the floor space for their legs or luggage
Noisy headphones
People who have loud conversations on their mobile in a quiet carriage
Someone swinging round and shoving a rucksack in my face

Lirtle Grafton

Driving rain… while trying to drive!
Accidents caused by stupidity
Never enough time for the fun stuff
Waiting in line… anywhere


People who wait in lines and then get to the front and still are clueless about what to order and keep everyone waiting even longer
Screaming kids – I mean when parents are ignoring their screaming kids
People who talk on their cell phones too loudly
Door slammers
Pool chair hogs


seat kickers
seat leaners on planes, I mean come on! We already have no leg room!
people who talk on those hands free headsets for their cell phones in public places, like the pool, while I am trying to relax and get some sun
early risers who make a lot of noise
people who save a place for a large group of other people in line. One or two is OK, but your whole school bus? really?


People who talk too loud on their cell phone
People who don’t step to the side so people who walk faster can pass them
People who don’t keep their kids under control
When driving–People who drive slow in the fast lane

So what are your Five Things???

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