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John: Is this thing even on?

Brad: Dude, do you have like an old school recorder?

 Kyle: Yeah can’t you just use your phone?

John: I prefer this style of recorder thank you. We’re here to answer some more questions from your fans. They sent questions in from Facebook, Goodreads and Leafmarks so you ready>

Brad: Can I ask you a question before we start?

John: Sure.

Brad: Does that thing work? Where do you buy tapes for it? Do they still make batteries that small? Was that like high tech in your day? Were you a spy? Were you a Cold War spy? Were you a Russian spy?

Kyle looks over at Brad with a confused stare.

Brad shrugs: What? I’ve never seen one of those in person, I think they are valid questions.

Kyle: Can we get this over with before he calls the FBI on you?

Brad: Ha! Shows what you know, if he was KGB I’d call the CIA.

Kyle: Nope, the CIA can’t arrest on U.S. soil, they’d have to have the FBI take you into custody and then question him.

Brad: You made that up.

Kyle: Nope, we went over it in law school.

Brad looks at him suspiciously.

Kyle: First question?

John: Ok Sonia from Leafmarks asked a few so let’s go over them one by one. This is for each of you, what’s one of the most important or special thing that makes you love the other one?

Brad: Can I say his junk?

 Kyle: And it starts.

Brad: I didn’t say I was going to say your junk I was asking if it was an answer that could be used.

Kyle: That depends on if you want to see said junk ever again.

Brad: His tenacity. His unwillingness to let something slide. Sometimes it is incredibly annoying but it is what makes him the guy I love so I’d say that.

John: Ok and…

Brad: And his junk.

Kyle glares at Brad who starts laughing.

John: Kyle, your answer?

Kyle: Nothing, there is nothing that makes me love him right now.

Brad keeps laughing.

John: Come on Kyle.

Kyle: I was going to say the way he can jump off any cliff and have faith we will be ok but now I am going to say the way his nose leans to the left and is imperfect.

Brad stops laughing.

Kyle: And his eyes are too close together, which makes him look so cute….

Brad feels the space between this eyes.

Kyle: Oh and his ears, I love big ears on guys.

Brad touches his ears.

Kyle: That cover it?

Brad mumbles “dick” under his breath.

John: How do you imagine your wedding?

Kyle: I’m not picturing it at all right now.

Brad ignores Kyle: I was thinking Game of Thrones themed, with like swords and armor.

Kyle mutters under his breath “I could get behind a red wedding right now.”

Brad continues to ignore him. “Or maybe asking everyone back to Foster and getting married in Nancy’s where we had our first date and I knew I was going to be in love with him for the rest of my life.

Kyle pauses and looks over at him.

Brad: But not like I’ve thought about it or anything.

John: Ok she also…

Brad interrupts: Gourmet burgers with truffle butter and aged cheddar over fries and bacon bites. Handmade shakes and red velvet sundaes for dessert.

Kyle glances back at him: But you haven’t thought about it?

Brad: And Green and white as our colors for Foster High.

Kyle: Can you ask something else before he starts going over vows?

John: Ok, what super power would you want?

Kyle: The ability to make people stop talking.

Brad laughs: The ability to stop time so I can spend an eternity with this idiot and still have time left over.

Kyle looks over at him: Why do you say things like that when I am mad?

Brad: Cause it makes it hard to stay mad at me.

Brad gives him a huge grin and finally Kyle cracks a smile.

John: Ok Paul from Leafmarks asked a few too you ready?

Both nod.

John: Ok, if you can change one thing about yourself physically what would it be?

Kyle: I wish I was more athletic, I feel like a potato next to him sometimes.

Brad: I wish I was smarter so I could help him with his work.

John: For Kyle, do you think you’ll have a relationship with Troy going forward?

Kyle: Would I like to? Yes. Do I think we will? That’s up to Troy but I think it’s a no. But he’s surprised me before, so who knows.

John: Ok, he asked if you could each share a funny story about Kelly.

Both get serious for a second.

Kyle: I don’t have anything funny about Kelly, I didn’t know him that long.

Brad is silent for a moment: When we were freshmen there was a senior who loved picking on the new kids. His name was Mark or some shit and he was just a complete dick to all the freshmen. Even though Kelly and me were on sports team this guy still trashed Kelly third day of school and Kelly was pissed.

Kyle: Trashing is when they stuff you in a trash can.

Brad nods: Yeah so Kelly was ready to go off on him but the guy was like four years older and had like fifty pounds on us so there was no way we could take him. But Kelly wouldn’t let it go and kept trying to find a way to get him back. So one day we were at lunch, sitting at The Round Table on the edge cause we were still new Mark comes raging over and slams his hand down on the table. He looks around and then asks. “Ok who sicked dial a fag on me?”

Everyone started laughing and he yelled over them. “Seriously, I got guys calling my cell all night hitting me up. They’re texting me shit and it isn’t funny, who the fuck did it? So by this point everyone is on the ground laughing their ass off and he is just getting madder and madder. Then, as if God himself decided to chime in, his phone goes off saying he has a text. Before he could stop one of the other guys grabs it from him and starts laughing even louder. He turns the phone around and there is a pic of some guy’s junk with the message. “You want?”

Well Mark grabs his phone and stomps off and everyone is wrecked they are laughing so hard. That’s when I noticed Kelly was just kinda smiling so I nudged him and looked over at Mark as he ran towards the parking lot.

“You did that?”

“Hey if pics of him from his Facebook ended up on with a phone number in his profile saying he was looking for phone sex why would you think it was me?”

That was when I lost it and almost peed myself laughing and he just went on eating his sandwich, muttering the whole time. “Trash me again motherfucker.” I swear Mark never figured out who did that cause if he did he would have killed Kelly.

Brad’s laugh trails off when he realizes what he said.

Kyle: That sounds just like Kelly.

Brad looks over at him and just nods quietly. After a second Kyle leans over and hugs Brad who puts his arms around him and seems to just lean into Kyle for a second.

 John: You guys need a second?

Brad sits back: Nah I’m good.

No one mentions he is wiping his eyes.

Brad: Julie from Leafmarks asked if there was one moment you guys could change what would it be and why? And would you risk it if it could alter everything that came after that.

Brad: I wish I had listened to Kyle about Kelly and been there more for him over winter break. I regret that every day of my life. And if it changed things, I would be ok with that if he lived.

Kyle looks at him with a smile: I’d go back and be nicer to Jeremy when he came into the library the first time. I was an asshole and he needed a friend and I wish I could have seen that then. If it would have stopped him from going to jail and all that then I am fine with that changing.

John: Ok Marcie from Leafmarks has a few. First, what is a quirk about the other one that you love?

Kyle: I love the way he scratches behind his ear when he is confused or thinking. He looks like the cutest golden retriever in the world.

Brad: There is this moment when Kyle loses it. When he stops being nice and caring what people think, it is like a half second of silence and something in his eyes change…in that half second I swear I get so turned on because I know he is going to take off his nerdy glasses, open his shirt up and go all Superman on them.

John: Her next, what’s something annoying about the other one?

Kyle: His inability not to bring up my junk in public?

Brad laughs: His terminal shyness. He is not shy, he isn’t! He acts shy but actually he’s insecure and he uses shyness as a defense and it drives me crazy,

John: What superhero best fits the other one?

Kyle: Human Torch, only Brad could out cocky Johnny Storm

Brad: I said it, Superman. He looks all nerdy and non threatening but behind that facade is the strongest guy in the world.

John: If you could sum the other one up with just one word what would it be?

Kyle: Steadfast.

Brad: Heroic.

John: And her last one, if you give the other one a gift, anything in the world what would it be?

Kyle: A filter for his mouth?

Brad busts out laughing.

Kyle: Seriously, I would buy him the ball thrown by Nolan Ryan June 11th on his sixth no hitter against the A’s.

Brad looks over at Kyle with his mouth open.

Kyle: What? You only talk about it every single time Sport’s Center is on, I swear you should just date Nolan Ryan.

Brad: You think he would?

Kyle gives him a glare.

Brad: And I would buy him a copy of X-Men 137 signed by John Byrne and Chris Claremont.

Kyle looks over at Brad.

Brad: And if you don’t know that is the issue Jean Grey died on the moon.

Kyle: You remember that?

Brad: Duh, you bitch about it every time FX plays X-Men 3, how could I?

John: Ok now I had several people ask this question so I decided to leave it for the last one. People want to know how you guys handled being apart for so long and how you guys stayed together even thought you were apart for so long?

They both look at each other.

Kyle: I’ll start. At first I didn’t. It sucked, I kinda lost it for a while and thought about dropping out of school. But Teddy talked me down and said if I was really in love with Brad then I could wait. If I wasn’t then I needed to move on and live my life, but not doing anything wasn’t going to bring Brad back and wasn’t going to make my life better. So after a cry and a pretty emotional talk with Robbie I decided if I was going to go to school then I was going to be the best I could be. Brad bought a satellite phone for his laptop which let him Skype now and then and we emailed constantly and after awhile it got better. Remember your first leave?

Brad smiles and blushes a little: That hotel must have been pissed.

 Kyle blushes as well: Anyways, so after that first hurdle it got easier. His ship got stationed in Norfolk and I took summer break off and stayed in Virginia Beach for a few months.

Brad: There was this little gay motel there and Kyle bought a room for the summer so I could finish duty and then he’d pick me up and we’d have the night together. I think the owners thought we were shooting porn or something the way they kept coming up with reasons to knock on the door.

Kyle laughs: It was hard but we saw each other as much as we could and every time I was with him it just made me that much more sure we were supposed to be together.

Brad: The guys on my ship were very cool, when I told them I was gay they were super supportive. They knew who Kyle was and a few of them even went out with us that summer to a gay bar and they treated Kyle like he was one of us. So when we were out at sea and on leave over there they were real bros at keeping me motivated. I began working out seriously and they were always asking how my guy was doing so it was hard but it was worth it.

John: Brad, do you feel the Navy was what you needed?

Brad: It was in the sense of an identity. I mean I was always just a jock in school and that was it. I was the baseball guy and when I realized that I wasn’t going to play baseball I had this real moment of fear and instead of facing it I just clung to Kyle as tight as I could which only added to the clusterfuck that was our first year on our own.

Kyle: Mrs. Phan would always criticize me for losing a boy as cute as you. She just couldn’t understand what we were doing.

Brad: No one did! Do you know the first five letters I got from Tyler were all, so when are you going to make up with Kyle and you guys can’t keep fighting like this and I would always write back that we weren’t in a fight and things were fine until finally when I got out of boot camp I had to call him and tell him to chill the fuck out cause we were still together in our own way.

Kyle: Yeah he never really got it.

Brad: So yeah, it was exactly what I needed. I showed me I didn’t need baseball or any of that to be a man. I could just be me and that was good enough.

Kyle: Things he could have learned without being at sea for four years.

Brad: Shut it Dumbo.

Kyle: Did you just call me dumb?

Brad: Nope commenting on your trunk…

Brad cracks up as Kyle’s eyes narrow.

John: And on that I think we should wrap it up, thanks again guys

Kyle: You are so dead.

Brad: Come on, give me a kiss!

Kyle: Get off of me creeper!

John: Yeah, I think we’re done here.


~John Goode



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5 thoughts on “Interview with Brad and Kyle ~ Outside the Margins with John Goode

  1. I love the interview! I’m so happy to read about what Brad thinks their wedding will be like (I’m waiting for my invitation 😀 ) and it was so lovely hearing the story about Kelly. And what the guys love most about each other and how they coped being apart.. *happy sigh*
    Thank you!

  2. This was a great interview. I wish I had thought out more questions for the guys, but I was a bit lame. I will come up with something better next time. I have a few issues when it comes to asking and answering questions. I freeze, and well… anyway, I loved the interview. These guys, they are special. They mean something to me, because they taught me it was ok to be me, and I wasn’t the only one out there. Logically I knew that, but IDK, it’s hard to explain. I’ll just say they saved me in a time in my life where I was just barely hanging on. I’m sure you get fans telling you this all the time, but I want to tell you as well. Please keep doing what you do, because your words save lives. They teach us that we are ok, and even when life gets really hard, we will make it and come out stronger. Thank you.
    <3 Timmy

    • That is why I wrote them Timmy. When I was your age I didn’t have anything like that. We had to wander around and hope that we weren’t the only ones and I know a lot of guys who never made it out the other side. So thank you for telling me and I hope the boys continue to make you feel good about yourself for a long time to come.

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