Rainbow Con Wrapup ~ Sunday Spotlight by Guest

Prism Book Alliance® would like to thank DSP Publications author and Outside the Margin’s columnist Andrew Q Gordon for being our correspondent for this years Rainbow Con in Tampa, FL.


Rainbow Con Wrapup:

When I said I’d do updates for Prism, I forgot the first rule of Cons—Be prepared to be busier than you expect when you arrive. After checking my schedule, I expected I’d have loads of time to do this and that and yeah, I was in total violation of the prime directive.

Part of the time drain is finally meeting people you’ve ‘met’ but not met. I really wanted to meet Carole Cummings, she of the Wolf’s Own series. (Yes, that’s just a wee bit of Fan Boying on my part, but if you’ve not read her work, you don’t know what you’re missing.) So I did. I’d name other names, but I’d forget a crap ton of people (which is more than a lot but less than a shit ton I’m told.)

The other demand for me was the Queer Sci-Fi table. One of the biggest attractions for me about Rainbow Con was the fact so many QSF’ers are here. Getting a chance to meet and sit and talk to them (when we weren’t busy) is a wonderful experience that makes coming worth it by itself.

While there is a large contingent of QSF’ers here the con is very diverse. There are authors who only write the “L” in LGBTQ, some who do all parts of the spectrum. The guests are the writer and illustrator of ‘The Young Protectors,’ a gay themed comic book, which if you’ve not seen it, you need to check out. The illustrator – Adam DeKracker has world on numerous ‘main stream’ comics from all the big names. Very cool stuff.

The folks of RC really worked hard to make it nice. As someone else pointed out in one of the panels today; happy faces abounded. The attitude among con goers is very laid back. See what you want, visit who you like and just enjoy.

Among the activities the organizers arranged so far, were the visit to see the big cat animal sanctuary, a drag show dinner, some adult themed things (that I admit, I did not get to attend), author readings, and of course the various panels.

I didn’t get to take enough pictures, but I did get a few today. I’ll get more tomorrow.

Now I’d be totally remiss if I didn’t mention we are half a block from the Doll House, Home to Tampa’s Finest Gentleman’s Club. I was planning to go visit, but I was told I wasn’t quite the type of gentleman they were looking for. Must have been that I didn’t bring a coat and tie. Next time I’ll remember to come prepared. ☺

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