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Last week I began #JPRoadTrip Part 2. Now that I have a reliable car, I was able to make the six hour drive out to visit JP Barnaby and Shae Connor in Atlanta. Sadly, this house elf is unable to Apparate, but at least I got to travel in style.



For the first time in a while, I was able to go on a relaxing vacation. I wasn’t going to a conference, I wasn’t helping JP move across the country. My only goal going out there was to do as little as possible!

I spent seven blissful days lounging by the pool, going out to dinner, and seeing movies. The stress of work was forgotten. The stress of my home life was forgotten. Nothing mattered but relaxing, having fun, and catching up with some good friends.


I wasn’t out there being JP Barnaby’s personal assistant. I was there being Trish’s friend. I wasn’t keeping her on schedule and dragging her to panels and events, I was making sure her niece didn’t drown anyone in the pool while Trish’s back was turned. (Though she did try to drown me a few times…)


We watched Jupiter Ascending, Minions, and Terminator: Genisys. We reserved our places in Hell with a game of Cards Against Humanity. We played Grand Theft Auto 5 where Cassie spent her time picking up hookers and robbing convenience stores. We cursed and cheered and nearly killed each other playing Mario Kart 8.

We had fun.

Even though Trish still had to work during the days, JP remained locked in her suitcase, only showing her rockstar face on Sunday, when we went to buy a new Camaro, since a certain somebody was very close to running off with mine.


Now I’m back home, recharged, and ready to dive back into writing and marketing work. It’s time to put my author hat back on and kick it into high gear.

It’s time to kick some ass.

~William Cooper


About William Cooper

William Cooper has been writing and reading since he was little. In 2010 he took the first step toward publishing a book and hasn’t looked back since. Whether it’s two men who met in college or brothers who have been in love their entire life, William loves to tell their story for everyone to read.

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3 thoughts on “Relaxed and Recharged ~ Outside the Margins with William Cooper

  1. That sounds ab fab!! 😀
    I was in ATL last week, as well, for vacation, hanging out with fam, eating fave foods, going to fave places, and it definitely stole me away from regular life. Woot!
    I’m glad you feel recharged and ready to go.

  2. Everyone needs a little bit of time away from the real world, just to relax, recharge & unwind.. So glad to see you were able to do so & with such a wonderful group of friends! (Jp is awesome;) Now please tell me that you guys got to eat lots of cake & chocolate & dished about all the lit world hotties!! 🙂 Hope those batteries are all charged back up for another year of amazing books, life & love! 🙂

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