Shadows Fall by JK Hogan ~ Book Review by Caroline

24677760Title: Shadows Fall

Author: JK Hogan

Publisher: Wilde City

Cover Artist: JK Hogan

Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 06/10/2015

Length: Long Novel (~ 100K+)

Genre: M/M Romance, Paranormal


For him, the whole world is a graveyard…

A gift—or curse—gives Titus McGinty the unwanted ability to talk to ghosts. When he starts seeing the same few apparitions repeatedly, appearing with similar gruesome injuries, he begins to wonder what they want from him.

Detective Charlie Hale has a serial killer on his hands. On the loose for weeks, the Queen City Slayer has left the police nothing to go on, no forensic evidence other than what he wants found. The city is running out of time.

The crisis brings Titus and Charlie together—Titus stumbles upon a body and finds himself a suspect. Their budding romance is tested as they are sucked into a web of underground laboratories, restive spirits, and religious fanaticism. They’ll have to work together to find the identity of the killer before he takes his next victim…Titus.

My View:

This is my first J K Hogan book and will certainly not be my last. From page 1 Titus and his odd group of friends pulled me into a fascinating story. I read a lot of paranormal but it usually involves shifters so the ghosts were also a new thing for me.

Poor Titus is a mass of contradictions. All he wants is a peaceful life but every time he goes outside he is followed by ghosts, or mule as he knows them. His solution to silencing their voices in his head is to go everywhere with his earphones plugged in but this doesn’t make it easy to form friendships so Titus is quite a solitary character outside of his work and home. He has worked hard on the back of the rejection he faced from his family to build up his business, he is calm and gentle but overly fierce when it comes to his small group of friends.

Charlie is a deeply closeted detective who has taken to visiting a particular coffee shop frequently as the owner there has caught his eye. Too afraid to act on his attraction he is happy to sit there and pretend to work. His current case is wearing him down as it seems he has a serial killer in his sights and watching Titus is often the only time he relaxes during his long days.

There is more mystery than romance in Shadows Fall but the mystery pulls these two men together and the romance becomes almost inevitable. They are both pulled strongly towards each other and Charlie’s inexperience alongside Titus’s lust makes their relationship explosive.

The arrival of Titus’s grandmother gives us much more background to his upbringing and subsequent shunning and she is quite the character. This could be any other closeted cop romance if not for the fact that Charlie’s victims seem to be following Titus around town with cryptic messages. They have both unwittingly become involved with the same case and that can only spell danger as the killer starts to take more risks.

The tricky part of this story is how can Titus be honest about who he is and what he sees and what affect that will have on their relationship. Everything now relies on Charlie’s reaction. That could have gone either way for them but when the truth is out there it incites the killer to make his next move and that could spell disaster for either one of them.

I really enjoyed the whole world J K Hogan built up alongside the friendships and the new relationship for Titus and Charlie and I hope we see more of them soon. I may be a little bit biased but Titus is one of my new favourite characters 😉


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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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