Someone to Keep Me: Collars & Cuffs Book 3 by K.C. Wells and Parker Williams ~ Audiobook Review by Christine

someonetokeepmecoverTitle: Someone to Keep Me: Collars & Cuffs Book 3

Author: K.C. Wells and Parker Williams

Narrator: Nick J. Russo

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Story Rating: 3.75 of 5 Stars
Narration Rating: 4.0 of 5 Stars
Overall Rating: 4.0 of 5 Stars

Release Date: 04/07/2015

Length: 7 hours 44 minutes

Genre: BDSM, Contemporary, M/M Romance


18-year-old Scott Keating knows a whole world exists beyond his parents’ strict control. But until he gains access to the World Wide Web, he really has no idea what’s out there. In a chat room Scott meets “JeffUK”. Jeff loves and understands him, and when he offers to bring Scott to the UK, Scott seizes his chance to escape his humdrum life and see the world. But when his plane touches down and Jeff isn’t there, panic sets in.

Collars and Cuffs’ favorite barman and dom-in-training, Ben Winters, drops his sister off at the airport and finds a lost, anxious Scott. Hearing Scott’s story sets off alarm bells, along with his protective instincts. Taking pity on the naïve boy, Ben offers him a place to crash and invites him to Collars and Cuffs, hoping his bosses will know how to help. Scott dreams of belonging to someone, heart and soul. Ben longs for a sub of his own. And neither man sees what’s right under his nose.

Story Review:

When gay, eighteen-year-old Scott Keating decides he’s had enough of trying to meet his oppressive parents’ expectations, he jumps on a plane to meet his Internet “boyfriend” in England. What he doesn’t count on is being left alone and abandoned in a foreign country with no money and no connections. Enter Ben Winters, a barman and Dom at the Collars and Cuffs BDSM club, who spots Scott at the airport and offers him assistance. As they spend more time together and learn more about themselves and each other, will they have what it takes to understand that they need each other, as well?

I have only read one other book in the Collars and Cuffs series, which was the first of the novels, An Unlocked Heart. Although I didn’t feel Someone To Keep Me had the same impact it as the first, this third novel was an entertaining and gentle journey back into the club, its staff, and their lives and loves.

Scott is vulnerable, a virgin, and quite young and naïve. Despite these traits, he has a stubborn and rebellious streak that both helps and hinders him in his pursuit of independence and a sense of belonging. Sheltered and controlled by his parents, he takes a huge risk by making the trip to England and promptly learns a valuable life lesson when things don’t turn out the way he expected. Ben’s fortuitous arrival and big heart provide a short-term solution, and his obvious soft spot for Scott is endearing and sweet. Scott’s eagerness to please and his enthusiasm to learn more about the BDSM lifestyle is cute and puppy-like, yet there is a fierce determination and willfulness that helps balance him out a bit. Ben’s family issues are real and relevant, and I only wish I could have seen more of that aspect of his life.

Scott and Ben are entirely likable characters; however, I feel there could have been more depth in the development of their personalities, their backgrounds, and their emotional relationship. It was a slow build for these two, which I truly enjoyed, but during that time there could have been more detail regarding their feelings towards one another and their need for one another as Dom and sub. More information about Scott’s training would have been a particular plus here, I think, as I wanted to watch him develop into a sub, rather than just be told he was progressing. I love the fact that the reader gets to see into each character’s head through the alternating first person narrative, and it would have been an extremely effective avenue for providing more emotional connection between the reader and the characters and between the characters themselves.

Overall, I enjoyed listening to Ben and Scott’s story. The world of the Collars and Cuffs series is fun to visit and re-visit, and the characters that inhabit it are a strong bunch, thoughtful, generous, and caring towards each other. I recommend Someone to Keep Me for light BDSM fans and for those who love a sweet, gentle build in a m/m romance. 3.75 Stars.

Narration Review:

Nick J. Russo does a good job narrating Someone to Keep Me. With a variety of voices and accents, he brings life to the characters and emotion to the scenes. I was particularly fond of his interpretation of Ben and thought the timbre and accent he used were quite sexy. Well done!


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I would like to thank the author for providing me with the audiobook of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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