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I have started a task I’ve put off for ages but there comes a point when you just can’t anymore.

Often I’ve mentioned to people I homeschool my children. Always have. We have had a downstairs classroom in our house since we moved in. It was a great space to homeschool the kids where they would have to unplug, disconnect, and really be engrossed in learning. It had the look and feel of a traditional classroom.

But two years ago, the kids said it felt dated. They had entered middle school territory and no longer wanted to be in that space. Between classes at our homeschool co-op my kids were enrolled in plus an online school, they no longer felt the need to be educated in there. They transitioned to tackling homework in their rooms on their laptops or in the living room in the comfy recliners. At the same time, I went back to work part time with this flourishing art career. The classroom quickly became a storage room.

A messy storage room.

So I am purging. It is time to retire the classroom.

I entered it and found the last time anybody had occupied the room was September 2013. I knew this because the calendar had not been flipped after that. Sadness began to take over at the prospect of letting go of my kids’ childhood; we have so many happy memories learning together in this room. But the kids are growing up and I am so excited to see my son becoming that amazing teenager I knew he was destined to be and my daughter looking forward to college. I love my kids at this age. So much wide-eyed optimism for the future.

All three of us are in a state of transition. It is pretty exciting. Time to embrace the change!

So I am focusing on what this room can become. My plan is to make it a library. I have ideas for the walls. The little kid craft supplies are going away to make room for the much loved books that these shelves can now hold. I am planning a cozy vibe, a space you want to snuggle down in. A place to tuck into a new or favorite read that will allow an occasional look out the window at the beautiful trees outside.

The right chair will be critical.

Without a doubt, I need a romance corner with room to house all the new books I have collected from my favorite authors with extra space for all the ones I know I am destined to buy.

Transitions are always something I have struggled with in the past. Transitions can be scary but they can be amazing as well.

About Catherine Dair

Catherine Dair is a fulltime Mom by day and spends her evenings as her alter egos, a ninja illustrator and a superhero. Her children know all about it and they are usually putting in their two cents over her shoulder. She gets the giddy pleasure of making fun art for authors, bloggers and many other cool people. In her spare time, Catherine makes crazy designs for her Redbubble store and fiddles with her website. She gave up sleep because sleep is for sissies.

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~Catherine Dair


About Catherine Dair


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  1. I know your new space will be beautiful Catherine, and may well encourage your now older children to make new memories with you there.

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