Vampire Rising by Larry Benjamin ~ Book Review by Lirtle with Giveaway

vampire-rising-cover-1Title: Vampire Rising

Author: Larry Benjamin

Publisher: Beaten Track Publishing

Cover Artist: Natasha Snow

Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 07/19/2015

Length: Novella (~ 15K-50K)

Genre: Alternate Universe/Alternate World, Gay Fiction, Paranormal


“To be a Vampire is to know your pale skin and red lips offend others.”
-Malcolm V

It’s the mid twenty-first century. Anti-Semitism, racism, sexism and homophobia have been consigned to the dustbin of history. The world is run by “the state,” and Christian zealots, whose chief governing tools are fear and oppression. It’s a wonderful time to be alive—unless you’re a Vampire. Vampires are despised, and feared, and subjected to discrimination and unspeakable violence.

Considered undead, unholy, without basic human rights, Gatsby Calloway lives on the fringes of society, avoiding humanity. Until he meets Barnabas, a young encaustic painter. When Barnabas is mortally wounded during an anti-Vampire attack, Gatsby must forget everything he has known, and learn to trust.

My View:

Larry Benjamin’s writing gives me a lot to chew on, particularly by way of his economical descriptions that manage to say so much. Right away, I was brought into this story.

Each house had a massive front door of quarter-sawn oak banded with iron. On either side of each door hung old-fashioned gas lanterns whose soft flickering light swatted ineffectually at the dark.

Benjamin’s mix of something futuristic with something gothic had me grinning with anticipation.

Amidst the societal ills plaguing this time period (more on that in a bit), this is a story about the battle between what Barnabas feels is unrequited love and what Gatsby feels is forbidden love. Who will win? And does anyone actually lose if one of them “wins”? Is immortality the savior, or the one bringing condemnation?

This story is both allegorical and filled with social commentary. Part of me appreciates and instinctually responds to this, while part of me feels it’s delivered with a heavy hand. Part of me feels like it helps build the story, while part of me feels it plays more a role of interference than anything else. Either way, it does unavoidably raise the tension level, providing layered context for those questions, and more, that I posed in the previous paragraph. It also makes me angry for Gatsby, and hopeful for Barnabas, no matter the path his life ends up taking. I guess that’s my answer. Despite the obvious comparisons to today’s society, as well as nods to our history, it all adds to the strong emotions within the story.

I didn’t at all anticipate the following, but reading this story sent my mind in many directions. The choices we make, the beliefs we hold, the things that change and the things that don’t. I can’t help but smile at the cleverness of it all. Here we are, a tale about a very old Vampire and a rather young man and, instead of just being about their connection and that between Vamp and Man in general, it has me thinking about larger societal issues and individual behavior.

This isn’t a romance. It’s an exploration, with Vampires and humans battling it out, that includes one of each of these clans desperate for each other and what they could possibly share together… and to stay alive. They want a future. Don’t we all?

As always, I want more of Larry Benjamin’s writing, more of this barely futuristic universe. I definitely want more of Barnabas and Gatsby, and whomever else is coming up on the horizon of the Vampire Rising.  🙂


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6 thoughts on “Vampire Rising by Larry Benjamin ~ Book Review by Lirtle with Giveaway

  1. I love the mixing of the old and new, technology versus Victorian. It’s always fun to see how an author blends them.

    • That’s totally how it felt. Almost like technology lost or died in some ways but progress zoomed forward in others. And the writing definitely lent itself to the whole mixed atmosphere.

  2. The review has really spiked my interest… An odd mixture of gothic and futuristic sounds really interesting. I’ve added it to my TBR list because it sounds good…. and different.

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