Demon of Mine (Hell Inc. Series, #1) by Rayna Vause ~ Book Review by Brandilyn

DemonOfMineLGTitle: Demon of Mine (Hell Inc. Series, #1)

Author: Rayna Vause

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Cover Artist: Anne Cain

Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 08/28/2015

Length: Novel (~ 50K-100K)

Genre: Alternate Universe/Alternate World, M/M Romance, Paranormal


Climbing the corporate ladder can be hell….

As a collections demon, Zavier grants his “clients” one wish in exchange for their souls. His job sucks, but once you make a deal with Corporate South, they own you. The trouble is, Zavier’s not a very good collections demon, with his tendencies to spurn authority and find loopholes to help deserving clients out of their contracts. He’s under scrutiny from the head of his department, who would quite literally like to see him burn. He just needs to close a simple deal to get upper management off his back. Instead, he meets Ryan.

Ryan is desperately searching for a way to save his dying sister. He doesn’t believe in magic and demons, but he’s out of options. Zavier’s not what he expects in a demon, and even more unexpected is the strong sense of familiarity—very intimate familiarity.

While trying to free Ryan from his contract, Zavier discovers secrets unscrupulous even by South standards. Exposing them could cost Zavier everything, but it might be Ryan’s only hope.

My View:

I had the pleasure of meeting author Rayna Vause briefly at the RT conference in 2014, but I haven’t had the pleasure of reading her words until now. I was intrigued by the concept of Demon of Mine. Suit porn combined with a unique spin on the heaven and hell mythos? Yes, please. Actually, I usually steer clear of demon and angel stories. They rarely end in a way I can believe or about which I care.

Demon of Mine, however, was able to bust through my dislike for the trope. It was entertaining from the beginning to the end. While some heavy topics are discussed, Cancer and death, I never felt the weight of these issues. I just felt Ryan’s determination to see his sister live her life and Xavier’s determination to get Ryan everything he wants, including his life and that of his sister.

This story is all about love and sacrifice. It teaches us the many faces these two compulsions can take. It teaches us the one sometimes means the other. It teaches us that one can transcend the other. It teaches us that fate plays a role in the everyday. It entertains us from the first page to the last.

I will certainly be following this series in the future. Adrien needs his happy.


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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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