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Here’s to Lake Wobegon and other fictional places ~ Jill Badonsky

How’s your summer going? The older I get, what seems like a significant length of time gets shorter and shorter every year.  This year, the summer started out with a bang with not one, but two, re-releases of A Place to Call Their Own and Disappear With Me. Since then, I’ve completed another manuscript and am (im)patiently awaiting a response.

Here’s a glimpse of what I’ve been reading:

Summer Love, an anthology from Duet/Interlude press (I don’t normally read anthologies/shorts because I get too involved in the characters and want more, but this one intrigued me and I highly recommend!)
Running With the Wind by Shira Anthony (the highly anticipated third novel in her Mermen of Ea series)
The Boy I Love Trilogy by Marion Husband (sadly, not romance but historical with LGBTQ themes)

One of my favorite aspects about all of these titles is the settings, they are all so different. The anthology takes place all over the U.S. and I am sure some of those small towns are made up. Running With the Wind takes place in the mythical land of Ea. Shira included a map of Ea in this one, so it’s very Lord of the Ringsish!

The Boy I Love trilogy takes place in Post WWI then post-WWII England, so not only do I feel like I’ve traveled to a different land, but also into a different time.

P.S. – did you hear I signed another contract! Check out those details on my blog!

What are some of your favorite books and the places they take you? I’d love to hear!

~L Dean Pace-Frech



About L Dean Pace-Frech

With inspiration from historical tourism sites, the love of reading, and a desire to write a novel, Dean started crafting his debut novel, A Place to Call Their Own, in 2008. After four years of writing and polishing the manuscript, it was accepted and published by Musa Publishing in 2013. His second novel, Disappear With Me, set in Edwardian England was published later that same year by Musa.

Dean lives in Kansas City, Missouri, with his husband, Thomas (legally as of February 14, 2015), and their two cats. They are involved in their church and enjoy watching movies, outdoor activities in the warmer weather, and spending time together with friends and family. In addition to writing, his hobbies include reading and patio gardening.

Dean is currently working a standalone title, Need Your Love, set in 1966, and The Higher Law, a continuation of the story of Frank and Gregory’s family set in the 1930s.

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