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Prism Book Alliance® would like to thank Hank Edwards for taking the time to talk with us today about their retro title from Self Published Holed Up – Up to Trouble Book One. Prism Book Alliance® recently reviewed Holed Up – Up to Trouble Book One. You can find the review here.


Retro Reads Spotlight with Hank Edwards

  1. We are here today to talk about the the Up to Trouble Series. What can you tell us about it?
    It’s a series full of suspense and romance between an FBI agent who doesn’t play well with others, and a sous chef who is a witness to a terror plot. Each book amps up the danger and the heat!

  2. Tell us more about our main characters?
    FBI agent Aaron Pearce is always in some kind of trouble, either because of his smart mouth or his actions. He’s got some swagger, and he uses it when cruising the gay bars looking for someone to pick up for the night. He doesn’t do long term, though deep inside it’s something he actually misses.

Mark Beecher is a sous chef who overhears a terror plot through the heating vents in his old apartment building in Detroit, Michigan. He’s kind of at a place in his life where he knows he needs to make a change, but he’s not sure how to go about it. When he meets Aaron Pearce, he is immediately drawn to the man at the same time he’s annoyed by him. But his life is in Pearce’s hands, he has not choice but to trust him.

  1. What about the Up to Trouble Series makes you the proudest?
    I really like how Mark and Pearce grow throughout the series. I think their characters have really developed, and a lot of that is because of my editor. She pushed for some things and gave me good, tough feedback on others. A good editor is very important to creating a successful series with believable characters!

  2. If you could change one thing in the Up to Trouble Series what would it be and why?
    I would have plotted out Mark and Pearce’s histories in my detail. It’s been fun finding these pieces of background out along the way, but if I’d been thinking of a series when I wrote the first book I think it could have added a bit more depth from the first page.

  3. What was the inspiration for this story series?
    I came up with the idea of a hot FBI agent and a hot witness holed up in an apartment together. A friend had a loft apartment in Detroit and I thought it would be a great place to set a story. The terror plot just kind of came about from daily news reports.

  4. If the world were going to end tomorrow, how would you spend your last night on earth?
    With my partner of 20 years and our close circle of friends and family, drinking and eating whatever we wanted and talking about how much everyone has meant to us. And I would hug my cats really tight and feed them as much as they wanted to eat.

  5. Tell us about some of your other titles.
    I have a gay cowboy horror series called Venom Valley, which is set in the American Old West and includes wicked vampires, gruesome zombies, witches, Native American spirits, and hot gay cowboy sex.

I also have a new series coming out this year, Critter Catchers, which is a humorous paranormal series that is the story of Demetrius, who is gay, and his best friend Cody, who is straight, starting an animal control business together and finding paranormal creatures to deal with.

Repossession is 9/10ths of the Law is my wacky mystery novel set in Detroit, MI with Alan Baxter who works as a deejay at a gay bar and begins repossessing cars to make ends meet and winds up in the middle of a murder investigation. His over supportive father, crazy best girl friend, and best gay friend who’s also an amazing drag queen, help him solve the mystery and have some fun while they’re at it.

  1. Rapid Fire Time

Strawberries or pickles? Strawberries!
Red or White? Red – pinot noir
Jazz or Pop? Pop … shameless pop tart
Paper or Plastic? Paper… but we use plastic for cat litter duties.
Champagne or beer? Beer
Cat in the Hat or Horton Hears a Who? The cat … always.
Spring or Fall? FALL!
Train or Plane? Train would be great, but I like getting to my destination quickly. I’ve ridden the train to Chicago and Toronto and enjoyed each trip immensely. I would love to do a cross country trip sometime.
Porsche or Prius? Prius.
Hamburger or Hotdog? Hamburger.

  1. What are you working on? What is next?
    Critter Catchers and a YA fantasy gay romance series I’m publishing under a new name, the first book of which is due out from Harmony Ink Press the end of this year and is titled The Midnight Gardener. Lots of Story Orgy stories to try and get polished and published as well.


Title: Holed Up – Up to Trouble Book One

Author: Hank Edwards

Publisher: Self Published

Cover Artist: Startled Monkeys Press

Rating: of 5 Stars

Genre: Contemporary, Crime Fiction, Gay, M/M Romance, Thriller


FBI Special Agent Aaron Pearce, tall, muscular, a lone wolf with an attitude, is assigned to protect Mark Beecher, a witness to the plans for a terrorist attack. The discovery of an unknown informant within the FBI’s ranks, however, forces the two men to hole up in a loft apartment with only one another for company.

After long conversations and their shared attempt to unravel the puzzle of the terrorist group’s next target, Pearce and Mark find they cannot deny their mutual attraction. Pearce gives in to his passion, sleeping with the man he’s sworn to protect and going against his training as he risks heartbreak once again.

When the informant reveals himself to Pearce and takes him hostage, Mark finds he cannot run and leave Pearce to die. Instead, their roles have been reversed and now he is the only person who can save Special Agent Pearce.


Pearce leaned in close, and for a thrillingly horrifying second Mark thought the man intended to kiss him. But instead, the agent said loud enough for only Mark to hear over the braying fire alarm: “It’s okay, I’ll get you out of here. Just stay close to me, okay?”

Mark nodded, and Pearce looked away, scanning the room and the other agents. Finally, he heard Pearce ask Agent Bata, “Is there a freight elevator in this building?”

Bata nodded and motioned for Pearce to follow. Pearce turned and leaned in close again, closer than before, and whispered into Mark’s ear, “Follow me. We’re going to the freight elevator. If anything happens, stay with me, no one else. Got it?”

Mark shivered at the wet heat of Pearce’s breath and cursed the swiftness of his erection despite the situation. He nodded and, adjusting his messenger bag to hide his condition, followed Pearce as Bata led them down the hallway, both agents with guns drawn. A few steps down the hall, Pearce turned and motioned over Mark’s shoulder for the other two agents, the ones who had been guarding the door, to stay behind.

Mark followed Pearce and Bata through the crowd of agents and directors dutifully making their way to the exits. The fire alarm buzzed, and at certain spots along the wall, strobe lights flashed. They exited the office through a secured employee entrance and found themselves in the main elevator lobby. There were two stairwells in the building, and the evacuating crowds flooded both. Lines of vaguely anxious people had formed at each stairwell as they waited for those on the lower floors to clear out. Pearce reached back and grabbed Mark by the arm, pulling him along behind as he shouldered his way through the slowing crowd. Mark followed and tried not to think about the man’s strong grip and how it might feel on his cock.

Around the corner from one of the stairwells, Agent Bata stopped at a large gray elevator door. “Here, this is the freight elevator.” He pressed the call button and turned to find Pearce’s gun in his face. “What? What are you doing?”

“Hey!” Mark exclaimed and tried to step forward, but Pearce held him back.

“Quiet,” Pearce said without looking at him. “Bata, holster your weapon and step back from the elevator.”

“He’s been helping me since I came to the FBI,” Mark protested, and Pearce grabbed him by the front of his T-shirt and pulled him around to press him up against the wall beside the doors to the freight elevator, never taking his eyes off Bata.

Bata raised his hand holding the gun and slowly placed the weapon in his shoulder holster. “It’s okay, Mark. I understand what Special Agent Pearce is doing.”

“It’s nothing personal, Bata,” Pearce said.

The elevator sounded its arrival and Mark jumped. Pearce pushed him into the elevator car and backed in after him, his gun still leveled at Bata. “I just don’t know who I can trust around here.”

Mark looked out at Agent Bata with wide, frightened eyes as Pearce pressed the button for the third floor. As the elevator doors closed, Pearce locked his gaze on Bata’s and said, “I’ll be in touch.”

About the Author

Hank Edwards is a curious mix of practical realist and feral dreamer. He is a fan of absurd comedy, as evidenced in the sizzling and hilarious Charlie Heggensford Fluffers, Inc. series, as well as Plus Ones, his wacky rom-com. He also loves a good mystery and suspense story, which inspired his Up to Trouble series, featuring FBI Agent Aaron Pearce and his lover Mark Beecher who met during one case and have gone on to solve others. His love of chills and thrills prompted him to create the Venom Valley series, which combines vampires and zombies with Old West cowboys. He is also a member of the Story Orgy group (www.facebook.com/SOGroup), a clan of writers who post free gay romance reads to their blogs every Monday morning and self-publish steamy stories based on writing prompts. Like him on Facebook (www.facebook.com/hankedwardsbooks or www.facebook.com/venomvalleyseries) and follow him on Twitter (@hanksbooks) to become a true “Hankie.” You may also visit his website at www.hankedwardsbooks.com or send along an email to hankedwardsbooks@gmail.com.


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