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Title: Lineage
Author: John Amory
Publisher: Torquere Press
Cover Artist: BS Clay
Genre: Contemporary, Gay, Paranormal


Peter Chronis grew up hearing countless stories about his family’s long history from his Greek grandmother, Helena. When she passes away, Peter pays his respects to her memory by visiting the place she loved so much. He returns “home” to Argos, the city in which his family originated. There Peter looks for clues to find out just how far back he can track his ancestry. What he finds is a literal representation of his family tree, where a strange encounter with an ancient Greek god will change his view of himself and his personal history forever.

1.  We are here today to talk about Lineage.  What can you tell us about it?

It’s a very short (3700 words, so a perfect read for a lunch or coffee break) story about a man who is third generation American by way of Greece. He has a strong bond with his recently deceased Greek grandmother, so to honor her, he decides to take a trip “home” to Greece. And since this is a mythological anthology, he encounters someone from the Greek tradition. The story is kind of like a contemporary myth mixed with a bit of the supernatural.

2.  Tell us more about your main characters?

Peter is the main character here. He’s an artist with strong family ties who wants to feel a physical connection with his past when he embarks on a trip to Greece. He grew up hearing stories from his grandmother, Helena, about relatives many generations removed, so being in Greece is his chance to be a part of that.

There’s another protagonist, but I won’t give away his identity. It’s more fun to discover, along with Peter, who he is and what he wants.

3. What about Lineage makes you the proudest?

My maternal grandmother passed away almost twenty years ago, and I miss her dearly. She really helped raise me, to the point that I probably spent just as much time in her home as I did in my own as a child. Lineage is the first time I’ve wrote a character based on my own grandmother, and even though the character has died before the story starts, her presence throughout it is huge, just like my grandmother’s presence in my life is still so strong.

4. If you could give one piece of advice to aspiring writers, what would it be?

This is a total cliche, but never give up. Just because what you write isn’t right for one thing or one person doesn’t mean it’s not right for something or someone else. My first story, which came out in 2013, was originally written in 2012 for a call from another publisher. They declined to print it, so I held onto it. A year later, I submitted it to a different publisher for a different call, and it was accepted. That lead to a huge boost in confidence, which encouraged me to continue writing and submitting. I still get rejections, but it gets easier to handle once you have that initial acceptance under your belt, but you won’t ever get that acceptance if you don’t keep trying.

5. What is the nicest thing a reader has said to you in a review, email, in person, or on social media?

My favorite comments have almost always come from a fellow author, Brandon Witt (who I know is a friend of this site as well), mostly because I love his work and respect his opinion so much. So when he tells me I’ve done well, I feel like it really means something.

Also, one of my favorite singers, Tom Goss, read my story The Bear Fetish and later sent me an e-mail saying that it was sweet and sincere and that he loved it. So that was an awesome moment for me too.

But I love hearing from all readers! They always make my day when they say they like my writing, or they pre-ordered a story, or they find my Twitter feed amusing so they’ll put me on their TBR list, or anything, really. Knowing that people out there are taking the time to read what I write and then actually reach out to me… that blows my mind.

6. How do you choose names? If you decide to change a name, do you feel that it alters your perception of the character?

Honestly, just by sound. I try out a bunch of first names I haven’t used in previous stories until I find ones that sound “right” together, typically. For Lineage though, I wanted it to ring true to what I was writing about, so I picked a popular Greek-American name for Peter. And his last name was VERY important to the piece and could be nothing else: Chronis. It’s derived from the same root as the Greek word for “time,” and considering Lineage is about legacy and promises that transcend time, it’s very appropriate.

7. What are you reading right now and what is next on your to-be-read list?

I’m flying out to Vegas next week, the day before this interview will come out, so I’m hoping to get through a couple books on the plane. First on my list is the new Salman Rushdie novel Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights, and then I’m hopefully going to finally read the second and third books in Shira Anthony’s Mermen of Ea series.

8. Rapid Fire Time

Love Story or Thriller? Thriller
Vanilla or Chocolate? Vanilla
Underwear and socks: folded in the drawer or tossed? Tossed
Music or TV/Movies? TV/Movies (mostly TV, I’m addicted and it’s a problem)
Electronica or Jazz? Electronica
Coke or Pepsi? Pepsi
Fire or Ice? Ice
Salty or Sugary? Salty

9. What are you working on?  What is next?

I have a Christmas story out on submission right now, so hopefully you’ll see that sometime in December. Other than that, I have ideas for shorter works for upcoming anthology calls and ideas for longer stand-alone works… it’s just a matter of finding the time and drive to get them written. (I have a procrastination problem, I’m sorry!)

One more thing: if you buy Lineage from the Torquere website, you can save 35% by entering code BTS2015 at checkout! Coupon is valid through September 1.


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About the Author

John Amory is from New Jersey, yet is somehow not involved in the mob. He is part Italian, though. He has BA and MA degrees in English, and he teaches composition to college freshmen. Other jobs have included personal assistant, telemarketer, and dancing mouse (don’t ask), but he’s happy to now add “writer” to that list. He loves reality TV, drag queens, and Taco Bell. You can find him on Twitter (@JohnAmory) and GoodReads.

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