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Title: Treading Water
Author: Kate Pavelle
Publisher: Self Published
Cover Artist: Miranda Pavelle
Genre: Action/Adventure


Buffeted by the winds of fate, Jesse Hightower drifted far from his Crow reservation. Family issues, foster homes, and living hard on the street. Now his computer-jockey job got him out of shape, and a tough split with Renata threw him into depression. Even worse — to keep his job, he has to train for a mandatory, company-wide triathlon.

An heir to an ice cream empire, Sebastian Gillen was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and family expectations of an executive career. A brilliant swimmer, Sebastian had given up his shot at the Olympics for the sake of business. Meeting Jesse at the pool is an exciting breath of fresh air. Inspired by Jesse’s inner strength, Sebastian resolves to make this boyfriend thing work, even if he has to stand up to his family – including his sister, Renata.

Grueling field research

Few years back I upped my running distance too fast, and my knees let me know right away that no, girl, you don’t get to haul your extra weight that fast and that far. Yet I wanted to keep moving, engaged in my eternal Battle of the Bulge. Biking, then. And, to stretch and relax and hang out with the kids, swimming on one of the two roped-off lap lanes of the noisy and crowded high school pool on Community Swim Nights. I didn’t know it at the time, but my knee strain had been a catalyst toward finishing my first triathlon.

Fast-forward two years. I had a sleeker bike, a wet suit, and better swim technique. My friend, author Venona Keys, encouraged me to just walk-run my runs as best as I could, and offered to train with me. We signed up for a triathlon near her home in Chicago. We texted and phoned, spurring each other on.

Except the swim were horribly boring. I mean, I love to swim, but going back-and-forth in a chlorinated pool is so stultifying, I started to lose track of how many laps I had done! To entertain myself, I came up with a story.

The characters in “Treading Water” kept me company and swam, biked, and ran by my side. They became so real I dreamt about them. I knew their histories, their food preferences, their jobs. Jesse had as much trouble with swimming as I used to have. Sebastian, who sacrificed his Olympic swimming ambitions to help with a family business, had never learned to ride a bicycle. They are both beginners, just like me. Only they do better at it in the end.

“Treading Water” is the first book in a series of three or more. There is a ton of material to share with Jesse and Sebastian’s fans, because their romantic journey we all expect and anticipate twines around wild adventures in training, business, and reconciling individual aspirations with family expectations. It’s a story of gradual progress and hope where insight leads to positive change through brave action.

And that action can be small at first. One little step outside of our comfort zones can lead to accomplishments we have never thought possible before. Like finishing a book. Or a degree. Or a triathlon.


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About the Author

IMG_3712Kate Pavelle draws on real-life adventures in her storytelling. Resilience! Love! Courage! Kate’s books dig deep to where these heart-warming qualities are an affirmation of the can-do spirit within us all. Her tales weave a textured fabric of the real and the imaginary. Ominous, mysterious, sexy—nothing could prepare you for what awaits you as you turn the page!

Kate enjoys the warmth of her husband, children, and the newly-rescued puppy Freya. She makes friends with dogs, horses, and cats, practices martial arts, and considers garden weeds a sign of healthy biodiversity.

To keep in touch with her, visit:

Thursday Morning Coffee Blog: www.katepavelle.wordpress.com

Twitter: @katepavelle


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