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Title: Surrounded by Crimson (Sumeria’s Sons #4)
Author: Lexi Ander
Publisher: Less Than Three Press
Cover Artist: Londen Burden
Genre: M/M Romance, Menage/Poly, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy


Tristan has agreed to bond with Ushna but there is still much to do and returning to Tribe Enkidu puts everyone on edge. Tristan is being stalked like prey all the while fighting depression as he mourns the loss of Nikita and enduring a battle of wills with the Elder Council over his birthright. The pleading of his adoptive daughter only adds still more stress to the situation.

Stumbling onto a secret prison while searching for Ushna leads Tristan to risk everything to free a lost God. But breaking the tie to his Flame has more repercussions than Tristan knew and the assistance of a forgotten Goddess and a centuries old lover may not be enough to save him.

Ten Favorite Films

Thank you for having on the blog today! I don’t watch much TV, but I do enjoy a good movie. When I really enjoy a movie, like a good book, I LOVE talking about them. I’m not going to say these are my top favorites. They are the ones that came to mind when I was thinking over the topic. Let me say right now, some of my favorites are on people’s hate lists—which for some is what caused me to watch the movie in the first place. I’m just going to own it, I sometimes love what others hate. You’ll see what a mean because I’m going to start off with one.

The 13th Warrior – critics hated the movie, viewers didn’t understand it, people made fun of Antonio Banderas playing Ahmed. No one got that it was a retelling of Beowolf without being told! I loved it. Don’t expect historical correctness, it doesn’t even try. It’s fiction. It tells a story. The cast is great and it has some really good quotes.



Buliwyf: Lo, there do I see my father. ‘Lo, there do I see…
Herger the Joyous Buliwyf: Lo, there do I see…
Herger the Joyous: The line of my people…
Edgtho the Silent: Back to the beginning.
Weath the Musician: Lo, they do call to me.
Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan: They bid me take my place among them.
Buliwyf: In the halls of Valhalla…
Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan: Where the brave…
Herger the Joyous: May live…
Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan: …Forever.

Water World – Kevin Costner stars in some of my favorites, Dances with Wolves and The Postman, which many don’t care for. The science for waterworld is terrible and the dudes on the ocean liners would’ve died long ago from disease, if not from starvation. But I can suspend disbelief because here again, I loved the story told.


Enola: He doesn’t have a name so Death can’t find him!

The Fifth Element – Bruce Willis is awesome and this is one of my favorite films that he stars in with my girl crush Milla Jovovich. The character Ruby Rhod, played by Chris Tucker is the bomb. Many Sci-fiers complained because all of the aliens were humanoid. I sound like a broken record, because I don’t care. ^_^ It was a fun, action adventure romance. The other movie that I love with Bruce Willis as a lead is Twelve Monkeys. Time traveler, dystopia future, twists and turns with great suspense.



DJ Ruby Rhod: Korben sweetheart, what was that? It was BAD! It had no fire, no energy, no nothing! Y’know I got a Show to run here, and it must pop POP POP! So tomorrow from 5 to 7 will you PLEASE act like you have more than a two word vocabulary. It must be green, okay?
Korben Dallas: Can I talk to you for a second?

[Throws Ruby up against a wall]

Korben Dallas: I didn’t come here to play Pumbaa on the radio. So tomorrow from 5 to 7 your gonna give yourself a hand, You green?

DJ Ruby Rhod: [Strangling Voice] Supergreen.

The Professional – Love Jean Reno who plays an assassin in this film. He works and lives by a very strict set of rules until Mathilda comes along. This is on my all-time favorite list. It has a great cast and Natalie Portman does such a great job.



Mathilda: I don’t wanna lose you, Leon.

Léon: You’re not going to lose me. You’ve given me a taste for life. I wanna be happy. Sleep in a bed, have roots. And you’ll never be alone again, Mathilda. Please, go now, baby, go. Calm down, go now, go.

Alien/s – Sigourney Weaver freakin’ rocks in the trilogy. When I first watched the second movie I wasn’t sure I would enjoy a horror flick. Obviously I ended up loving it. It had a great cast. Bill Paxton, yummy Michael Biehn, and Lance Henriksen. That one caused me to go back and watch the 1979 Alien and then I eagerly await Alien 3. I own the boxset. The series didn’t go wrong until the 4th one. I’m on the fence about Alien: Resurrection. I liked that one all the way to the point before the hybrid was born. Then it was just weird.


Hudson: Hey Vasquez, have yo ever been mistaken for a man?

Vasquez: No. Have you?

Resident Evil – My girl crush Milla Jovovich lead me to watch this movie. Alice wakes up with amnesia. Evil company experimenting on things they should not are infiltrated by a rival company and a virus is leaked. The AI kills everybody. A little gory, a bit scary, and lots of badassery. My other girl crush, Michelle Rodriguez, plays Rain who has some of the best quotes, but people won’t get them unless they’ve seen the movie. I’ve seen all of them and I think the first two are my favorite but I’ll keep going to see the new ones.


Spence: In or out? In… or out?

Alice: I don’t know what we had, but it’s over.

Spence: [a female scientist zombie bites Spence] OH, GOD!

Spence: [Spence shoots the scientist; Matt fights Spence for the gun] Back… the FUCK off!

Spence: [to Alice] I’m missing you already.

[Locks Alice, Rain, and Matt inside the flooded research lab]

Warm Bodies – I understand this an adaptation of a book—which I never looked up. My niece loved both the book and the movie. I tend not to read the book if I’ve seen the movie first and with as much as I loved the movie, I wasn’t inspired to read the book. (Which really perturbed my niece.) This is a new adult zombie love story and I was really surprised with how much I loved it. It’s a little idealistic and hopeful with a quirky touch of sweetness.



R: [voice-over] What am I doing with my life? I’m so pale. I should get out more. I should eat better. My posture is terrible. I should stand up straighter. People would respect me more if I stood up straighter. What’s wrong with me? I just want to connect. Why can’t I connect with people? Oh, right, it’s because I’m dead. I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. I mean, we’re all dead. This girl is dead. That guy is dead. That guy in the corner is definitely dead. Jesus these guys look awful.


R: [voice-over, introducing M] This is my best friend. By best friend, I mean we occasionally grunt and stare awkwardly at each other. We even have almost conversations sometimes.

Later Days – When I was looking this up for today’s post, I noticed that the critics didn’t like this. “A melodramatic plot and character stereotypes turn the movie into a sitcom.” The majority of LGBT movies that I’ve seen are either sad or have campy humor or are porny. Even this one has its sad moments. I tried relying on amazon’s “people who bought this also bought…” list. I’d have to say that 90% just was okay or I came away depressed. The list of my favorites is very small and include titles like Shelter, and From Beginning to End, I’ll even include Big Eden because I enjoyed it.


Lila Montagne: Funny thing about guilt: There’s nothing so bad that you can’t add a little guilt to it and make it worse; and there’s nothing so good you can’t add guilt to it and make it better. Guilt distracts us from a greater truth: we have an inherent ability to heal. We seem intent on living through even the worst heartbreak.

The Mirror Has Two Faces – My guilty pleasure. Two professors meet, decide each is agreeable and enter into a celibate marriage. Both of them have struck out in the love department for different reasons. However, she falls in love with him and wants more. He freaks out and runs away only to return to find his wife turned into a hottie and all the things he loved about her seems to be gone.


Gregory Larkin: But I love the old Rose! The one with no makeup and baggy clothes who loves ‘the perfect bite’! She eats carrots now, isn’t that tragic?


Rose Morgan: This thing that we call a wedding ceremony is really the final scene of the fairy tale. They never tell you what happens after. They never tell you that Cinderella drove the Prince crazy with her obsessive need to clean the castle, cause she missed her day job, right?

50 First Dates – I love Drew Berrymore and Adam Sandler together. They make me happy. Loved them in the Wedding Singer, too. Drew happens to be another of my girl crushes. There’s something very romantic about someone how puts effort in making you fall in love with them every day.


Lucy: Nothing beats a first kiss.


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About the Author

Lexi-Ander-BioLexi has always been an avid reader, and at a young age started reading (secretly) her mother’s romances (the ones she was told not to touch). She was the only teenager she knew of who would be grounded from reading. Later, with a pencil and a note book, she wrote her own stories and shared them with friends because she loved to see their reactions. A Texas transplant, Lexi now kicks her boots up in the Midwest with her Yankee husband and her eighty-pound puppies named after vacuum cleaners.

Where to find the author:

Web site: http://www.lexiander.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lexi.ander.9

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/LexiAnder1

Blog: http://lexiander.blogspot.com/

E-mail: lexi.ander.author@gmail.com


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